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AS OF 2019 - THE UNITED STATES REMAINS the dominant superpower of the world. It controls the most formidable army and enjoys influence across all continents in matters of governance, economics and diplomacy.

But according to leading political experts, the American influence has largely based on inertia from all previous decades.

The policies that were the corner stones of development and hegemony have been weakened and the mantle of progress and dominance have been taken over by the people of China.

The GDP of China when viewed through purchasing power parity has surpassed that of the United States. As the economic gap shrinks, there are bound to be fears of loss and decline.

The overtaking of power is a tough question, one that will be answered in a short span of years between America and China. Could it lead to a catastrophic war? Is the world doomed towards another devastating war like scenario reminiscent of the  World War or is there any alternative left?

The time to ponder is now. In September, 2019, Donald Trump proudly announced that due to his tariff hikes and financial manoeuvring, there have been around 3 million job losses in China.

This is a mere display of the underlying perspective that the US is having towards its Asian counterpart.

Conversely, the Chinese army repeatedly reiterates that its ready to go to any lengths to defend the boundaries of China and has full capability of dealing with the US nuclear threat near and around South China Sea and Korean peninsula.

It appears, that the world is entering into a situation that has existed between rising states in the past.

As early as Greeks, it was identified by a historian name Thucydides. As he studied the rise of   Athens versus the city state of Sparta, he formulated it as the ''Thucydides trap''.

He concluded that whenever one great nation replaces another in terms of power and dominance, the fear of self-interest of the contesting nations leads to a catastrophic war.

Even after 2,500 years the same principle is being highlighted by political thinkers like Henry Kissinger who was the initial Secretary of State when the United States made its contact with the People's Republic of China [PRC] in the 1970s.

Kissinger validates that Thucydides's Trap clearly exists between USA and China and there is little hope to avoid it. In the last 500 years, in a transition of power between great nations, 12 out of 16  times, the outcome has been a massive war.

A thorough analysis and a practical strategy are of critical significance at this point.

There are a number of areas in which US and China are at odds with each other. First and foremost is the conflict between North and South Korea.

Those around the world, who think an impending war between these two power is not possible in the neat future, are mostly ignoring the events of the 1952 Korean War when Chinese troops actively engaged with the American army and pushed them back into the Southern regions of the Pacific, fearing an advance towards Chinese borders.

A de-stablised Korean peninsula could be a tipping point or a ground to test their military strengths. The second issue is the South China Sea dispute and the presence of the American Navy in the region.

The International forums like World Bank, WTO and the United Nations are heavily skewed in the favour of the US, which incites a vivid insecurity in the Chinese government to resolve political disagreements.

When negotiating systems fail, the only alternative left is either isolation or show of strength. The Chinese army designed on the principles of fighting to the end and not giving an inch of China to any foreign invader is a ready force as ever.

The nuclear arsenal of the Chinese army is also tremendous.

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