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EPIC GAMES FOUND BLOCKBUSTER success with the video game Fortnite: Battle Royale, a fantasy test of endurance and survival that has captivated millions of players.

The game has brought in an estimated $4 billion since it was released in September 2017. Now, Epic is using its windfall to back its next venture : controlling the way people buy video games.

Like books, movies and music, the video game industry has been shaken up by the Internet. Sales at traditional brick-and-mortar stores have plummeted as more consumers have been downloaded their games, and retailers like GameStop have struggled to adapt as customers have switched their buying habits.

Revenues from PC game is expected to rise 4 percent this year to $35.7 billion, from 2018, according to Newzoo, a market research firm. The growth offers a lucrative opportunity for digital stores.

Epic's entry into the market, called the Epic Games Store, opened in December. To bolster its service, Epic has been courting games developers by committing a larger share of revenue.

It offers exclusive access to hot sequels and lower prices to lure players. And it has big backers, including the Chinese giant Tencent.

But the biggest challenge facing Epic is the decade long dominance of Steam, the primary destination for people buying computer games online.

A majority of game developers who who used Steam said it accounted for at least 75 percent of their revenue from sales of computer games, according to a survey released this year. Those sales generate crucial revenue for Steam's owner, the game maker Valve Corporation.

Steam was created in 2003 to sell Valve games, but its offerings were broadened to include third party games. When a game is sold on Steam, Valve typically keeps 30 percent of all revenues the  game generates.

''Stores extract an enormous portion of game industry profits and are ripe for disruption,'' said Tim Sweeney, the chief executive of Epic. Valve did not respond to request for comment.

Becoming a platform provider is a dream for many large gaming companies because it offers financial security , said Serkan Toto, the chief executive of Kantan Games, a consultant for investors and developers.

''The goal is to build a long-term and presumably a stable business with recurring revenue,'' he said in an email, ''instead of living under the pressure of constantly delivering hits and misses in the content business.''

Steam has faced other rivals, including stores from game developers like Blizzard Entertainment, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft, who can collect 100 percent of revenue when selling their own games on their storefronts.

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