Headline September 17, 2019/ '' 'SWEDEN'S -DISTORTED NATIONALISM- SWEARS' ''




What is actually happening in Sweden, though, is to uncover the workings of an international disinformation machine, devoted to the cultivation, provocation and-

Amplification of far-right, anti immigrant passions and political forces. Russian and Western entities that traffic in disinformation, including an Islamophobic think tank whose former chairman, till days ago, was Mr. Trump's National Security Adviser.............. 

FIRST CAME A COMMENT BY PRESIDENT Trump, suggesting that Sweden's history of welcoming refugees was at the root of a violent attack in Rinkeby Sweden, the previous evening, even though nothing had actually happened.

''You look at what's happening last night in Sweden. Sweden! Who would believe this? Sweden! Mr. Trump told supporters at a rally on Feb 18, 2017 They took in large numbers, they're having problems like they never thought possible.

JOHNNY CASTILLO, A PERUVIAN-BORN neighborhood watchman here in the district of Stockholm still puzzles over the strange events-

That two years ago turned the central square of this predominantly important community into a symbol multiculturalism run amok.

The president's source : Fox News, which has excerpted a short film promoting a dystopian view of  Sweden as a victim of its asylum policies, with immigrant neighborhoods shown as crime ridden  ''no-go-zones''.

But two days later, as Swedish officials were heaping bemused derision on Mr. Trump, something did happen in Rinkeby : Several dozen masked men attacked police officers making a drug arrest, throwing rocks and setting cars ablaze.

And it was right around that time, according to Mr. Castillo and four other witnesses, that Russian television crews showed up, offering to pay immigrant youth ''to make trouble'' in front of the cameras.

''They want to show that President Trump is right about Sweden,'' Mr. Castillo said, ''that people coming to Europe are terrorists and want to disturb society.''

That nativist rhetoric - that immigrants are invading the homeland - has gained ever-greater traction, and political acceptance, across the West amid dislocations from Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

In the nationalists; message-making Sweden has become a prime cautionary tale.

What is even more striking is how many people in Sweden - progressive, welcoming Sweden -seeming to be warming to the nationalists view that immigration has brought crime chaos and a fraying of the cherished social safety net, and to maintain a withering sway of national culture and tradition.

Fueled by an immigration backlash, right-wing populism has taken hold, reflected most prominently in the steady ascent of political party with neo-Nazi roots, the Sweden Democrats. In election last year, they captured nearly 18 percent of of the vote.

To dig beneath the surface of what is happening in Sweden, though, is to uncover the workings of an  international disinformation machine, devoted to the cultivation, provocation and amplification of far-right, anti-immigrant passions and political forces .

Indeed that machine most influentially rooted in President Vladimir Putin's Russia and the American far right, underscores a fundamental irony of this political moment : the globalization of nationalism.

The central target of these manipulations from abroad - and the chief instrument of the Swedish nationalists' success - is the country's increasingly popular, and virulently anti-immigrant, digital echo chamber.

A New York Times examination of its content, personnel and traffic patterns illustrates how foreign state and non-state actors have helped give viral momentum to a clutch of Swedish far-right websites.

Russian and Western entities that traffic in disinformation, including Islamophobic think tank whose former chairman became Mr. Trump's national security adviser, have been crucial links to the Swedish sites, helping to spread their message to susceptible Swedes.

The distorted view of Sweden pumped out by this disinformation machine has been used, in turn, by anti-immigrant parties in Britain, Germany, Italy and elsewhere to stir xenophobia and gin up votes, according to the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, a London based nonprofit that tracks the online spread of far-right extremism.

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With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Political Parties, Students, Professors and Teachers of Sweden, and then the world.

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