Headline September 12, 2019/ '' ' CRIPPLING KASHMIRI-SOUL'S CRAMPONS ' ''



''IS NARENDRA MODI MAD,'' ponders Zilli. 'Well, at his age, and by default, he could very well be turning mad!' I counter.

This is a very small snippet of an emotion-soaked, bitter and biting exchanges between myself and the Founder Hero, of The World Students Society, Zilli?

These are very difficult times, and probably the worst of times for India and Pakistan, the region and ultimately for the world. Any where I go to find some sanity, I get thronged and overwhelmed by the students.

The World's policy and peace makers have to fathom and reason and understand that the revocation of Article 370 means the nullification of the Instrument of Accession.

Article 370 was added to the Indian constitution in 1952 to signify the importance of the Instrument of Accession, hence giving it a  permanent legal position conditioned to a plebiscite.

The recent illegal action by India of revoking the said article has not only stolen and wiped out the identity of the Kashmiris but have also nullified the very Instrument of Accession, leading Kashmir to - pre-1947 status as an independent state.

With this very action, India has not only lost the moral ground but also its legal case on Kashmir.

Salman Ahmed, UN's GoodWill Ambassador - a world class music maestro, comes to the fore, in anguish and pain, for the peace loving world to discern and relate to.

In 2008, I saw of vision of what Kashmir is all about, and can still very well be. As my band, Junoon, played the first rock concert in the disputed Indian state, I saw first hand the hope and passion in the eyes of several thousand girls and boys, ambitious college students who were yearning for peace, justice, jobs and the right to live with dignity in their ancestral homeland.

Its this memory that comes back to me as the world watches a deep malaise afflicting Indian society, and nowhere more so right now than in Kashmir.

Einstein famously said nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind. He might have been predicting the rise of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Hindu nationalism of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, or RSS , the group in whose beliefs Modi is so steeped.

Ever since Indian announced that it would revoke autonomy for the country's only Muslim-majority state, a huge humanitarian crisis has grown daily by leaps and bounds.

Seven million Kashmiris, many under the age of 20, have been under curfew, silenced and held captive inside their own homes.

They have no access to medicine, the Internet, phones or TV. Their health, safety and freedom are at increasingly at greater risk.

It's not Kashmiri's rights and welfare that are in jeopardy.

The tensions over Kashmir between the two-nuclear nations of India and Pakistan threatens peace and stability in the region all over the world.

The famous Doomsday Clock developed by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is ominously at  two-minutes to midnight - helped along to the very edge by the India-Pakistan conflict - in what the organisation calls ''a state as worrisome as the most dangerous times of the Cold War.''

Doubt their characterisation:

India's defense minister Rajinath Singh said just days ago the country may scrap its ''no first use''  policy on nuclear weapons. That's a recipe for catastrophe with deadly implications for the whole world.

And it could all start in Kashmir. No religious minority can withstand that sort of majority ideology of hate and violence that Modi is espousing For South Asians, it's all too familiar.

The RSS and the Hindu militants who were responsible for Mahtama Gandhi's assassination are considered role models by Modi. They're now threatening to ethnically cleanse Kashmir, using rape as a weapon to change its demographic identity.

This won't stop if the world stays silent.

EVEN more urgent, the world cannot allow Modi's unilateralism to threaten and nuclear apocalypse.

The Sadness and Sorrow but with the rising determination of the students of whole world, to come to grips with this wretched and sinful happening, continues.

With respectful dedication to Peoples of Pakistan and India, and then the Students, Professors and Teachers of the whole world.

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''' World In Failing '''

Good Night and God Bless

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