Headline September 10, 2019/ '' 'WANDERING =STUDENTS- WINNINGS' '' : DR RUTH PFAU




'KASMATSU SAN'S farewell was both emotional and holding. Yoneda San, watched with silence, born from stillness. Somehow, they all knew, I won't be seeing them again.

Through them I had met some of the greatest philosophic managers. At their teaching feet, I had sat, absorbing every thing.

I thanked them. ''Now, keep remembering the great Japanese saying : 'The softest things in the world, conquer the toughest things in the world.''

They both felt, unconsciously, it seemed, that I would be attempting unimaginable and very difficult and hopelessly complex things in the years ahead.

On The World Students Society, I ensured that the 'Great Heroic Founders' :

Merium, Rabo, Zilli, Halema, Sameen, Sarah, Dee, Aqsa, Eman, Armeen, Nina, Juniper, Zainab,  Sherbano, Seher, Areesha, keep learning and using the Great Art of Greatness, in a Wandering History.

SADLY, as Einstein would have put it : The disease of mankind prevailed.

Only a very few rouse to the towering greatness of democracy, loyalty, devotion, hardwork, sacrifice and servings in the honor of the oppressed, the sufferings, the injustices, the inequality the shames, the violence, and the drowning  poverty.

The World Students Society never lost, and never will lose a student and then the Little Angelic Students, will ever ensure : Maynah, Harem, Maria, Hannyia, Merium, and Eden.

The Master Researcher, and Head, Zilli, understood the Student Data, better than any analyst in the world. She began splitting the MIS into four main categories :

.-   Hero Students
.-   Honoured Students
.-   Rising Students 
..-  Caliber Students

''With malice towards none and with charity towards all,''.......... The list pure and ever changing list  will soon get displayed and ever grow, on SAM Museum of History, headed under an exclusive trusteeship of Student and Founder Aqsa Sultan Abbasi.

DR RUTH PFAU : The module will be called to the great, & honored memory of one the greatest German humans that ever set foot and stepped in the service of mankind

AUSTRALOPITHECUS, Erectus and then Neanderthals to Sapiens humans evolved, according to science.

Though its impractical to deny the existence of Almighty God for there is some very supreme source  [God] that created the entire complex system of Universe.

From the beginning of civilization we have known there was something captivating about watching  human beings fight for their live. That's we have written survival of fittest, battles of gladiators in Coliseum, public executions rubber necking in the freeway and now mob-lynching.

''Eastern regions of Asia were populated by homo erectus, 'Upright Man', who survived there close to 2 million years, making it the most durable human species ever.  This record is unlikely to be broken even by our own species.

It is doubtful whether Homo........sapiens will still be around a thousand years from now, so 2 million  years is really out of our league'' wrote Yuval Noah Harari in his book ''Sapiens''.

Sapiens derives from the Latin word which means ''Wise'', so the Sapiens call themselves wise even though they are ignoramus and imbecile species in the whole process of evolution and that's the reason evolution stopped.

How species is named wise, when it is creating the weapons that brings calamity on Earth and on themselves. We have invented destructive weapons and still in Russia and America experiments are held to invent even more powerful weapons than nuclear. Destroying and evaluating the specie from Earth isn't the sign of wisdom.

Lets imagine that in some corner of the world a powerful country is developing a lethal weapon,  1,000 times more dangerous than Atom Bomb and when they test it, and at the precise moment something unconditional occurs like Chernobyl, within the moment radiations are scattered all over the Earth and everyone dies and there remains a planet without without entity. DEATH WINS.

Some might think think that imagination is bogus but it had already occurred during the World War when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were attacked and the victims were unaware that what transpired.

''Necessity is the Mother of invention and invention may turn out to be the mother of terrible, terrible destruction.''

Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam believes that we all are all descendant of Adam and Eve, and reprobate the Darwin's 'theory of evolution' is accepted by atheists, though rarely by theists

Atheism is a dogma, that repudiate the existence of God. In his lost work, On the Gods, Protagoras wrote :

''Concerning the Gods, I have no means of knowing whether they exist or not, or what sort they may be, because of the obscurity of the subject, and the brevity of human life.''

Though its impractical to deny the existence of God for there is some supreme source - Almighty God - that created the entire complex system of universe.

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Wandering History and Humanity, continues. The World Students Society thanks author and researcher Saqlain Soomro.

With respectful dedication to Mankind, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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''' Sapiens & Wisdom '''

Good Night and God Bless

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