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ON THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY : we lovingly and most respectfully address google as : ''MOTHER GOOGLE'' and with that -

The World Students Society stops and rises to give its Founders, Managing Board, Researchers, Strategists, every single contributor, a standing ovation

The Founders and the students of the entire world, yet again stop and rise to bestow on Mother Google, the singular honour of a ''Life Long Membership.'' 

Founders Engineers : Rabia Sultan Abbasi, Pakistan, Shahzaib Khan Yusafzai, United States, Reza Haider Naqvi, Canada, and

Little Darling Angels :
Maynah Khan, Pakistan, Maria Imran, Pakistan, and Ibrahim Faraz, Pakistan and Hannyia Khan, Europe, to ensure Mother Google stands informed

GOOGLE SEARCH TIPS to make your life easier. Simple queries may get quick answers; tricks help with complex requests.

LIKE IT OR NOT, Google is most people's portal to the Internet. And when you are searching for something simple - like the latest news about Kashmir - Google will usually get you what you want on the first try.

But if you are trying to find something a bit more niche, you may need to do some digging, Here are a few tricks to keep up your sleeve that will make life easier.


Its one thing to search for a couple of  words, like Sony HT-Z9F soundbar, and find the product[s] you are seeking. But let's say you need more specific information  -like the dimensions of the speaker drivers inside that soundbar.

Searching for HT-Z9F soundbar driver diameter does not return any pages that list that particular spec, nor does including the word inches. Instead, we need to to think about exactly how this would be phrased on the page and use quotation marks to narrow our search.

When you put quotation marks around a collection of words, Google is being told to look for the words only in that order.

So, sony HT-Z0F inch drivers [don't worry capitalization doesn't matter] will search for any page that has the words ''inch'' and ''drivers'' on it - but not necessarily together.

Searching HT-Z9F soundbar ''inch drivers'' on the other hand, narrows our search considerably, producing a result right at the top that lists the exact spec we're looking for : 2.5-inch drivers.

[If you can't find the terms you searched for on the resulting page, press Ctrl+F on your keyboard -Command+F on a Mac - to locate your words on that page.]

Bonus tip : if you are looking for a specific page but aren't sure of the exact words it uses, you can out an asterisk in those quotes to symbolize any word.

For example, if you forgot the title of Taylor Swift's dance-pop single from ''1989'' you could search taylor swift ''*it off* and find the ''Shake it Off'' lyrics you're hunting down.


It's frustrating when a search returns oodies of results that have nothing to do with what you're looking for. This is especially common with homonyms - words that are spelled and pronounced the same way but have different meanings.

For example, let's say you're searching for a music group to play at your wedding. Searching for  Wedding bands brings up a ton of results, but most are for wedding rings - often called bands - not musicians that lay at wedding receptions.

The minus sign is your friend here.

Think a word that would appear on all the irrelevant pages -in this case ''jewelry'' or ''jeweler'' is probably a good bet - and include it with a minus sign in your search, wedding bands  -jewelry.

Just like that, you have got yourself a bunch of sites that review wedding bands across the country.

I also use this often for products with similarly-named siblings - say, Apple's Macbook line, which includes the Macbook, MacBook Air, and Mac Book Pro.

Getting too many results for the Air and Pro? Just eliminate them from your search with macbook - air pro and you'll bet more relevant results.


If your head is spinning after the last one, here's an easy trip for you. Occasionally, search tips will consist of older articles that have ranked on a given topic but haven't been updated to include recent changes.

If you encounter this problem, you can put a data restriction on the results by clicking the Tools button under Google's search bar, and then clicking the ''Any Time'' drop down.

You can narrow your results to the previous week, months, year, or a custom time frame.

The Honor and Serving of the latest Global Operational Research on Mother Google, continues. The World Students Society thanks author Whitson Gordon.

With respectful dedication to the Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors, Teachers and then, the whole world.

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