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To give the Prime Minister of  Pakistan : H.E. Imran Khan, lovingly and most respectfully called, O''Captain, a standing ovation.

WHEN I was elected prime minister of Pakistan last August, one of my foremost priorities was to work for lasting and just peace in South Asia.

India and Pakistan despite our difficult history, confront similar challenges.of poverty, unemployment, climate change, especially the threat of melting glaciers and scarcity of water for hundreds of millions of our citizens.

I wanted to normalize relations with India through trade and by settling the Kashmir dispute., the foremost impediment to the normalization of relations between us.

On July 26, 2018, in my first televised address to Pakistan after winning the elections, I stated we wanted peace with India and if it took one step forward, we would take two steps.

After that, a meeting between our two foreign ministers was arranged on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly session in September 2018, but India cancelled the meeting.

That September I also wrote my first of three letters to Prime Minster Narendra Modi calling for dialogue and peace.

Unfortunately, all my efforts to start a dialogue for peace were rebuffed by India. Initially, we  assumed that Mr. Modi's increasingly hard-line positions and his rhetoric against Pakistan were aimed to whip up a nationalist frenzy among the Indian voters with an eye on the Indian elections in May.

On Feb 14, a few months before those elections, a young Kashmiri man carried out a a suicide attack against Indian troops in Indian-occupied Kashmir. The Indian government promptly blamed Pakistan.

We asked for evidence, but Mr. Modi sent Indian Air Force fighter planes across border to Pakistan. Our Air Force brought down an Indian plane and captured the pilot. We struck back to signal we could defend ourselves but choose not to strike a target that would cause loss of life.

I made a conscious decision to show that Pakistan had no intent of aggravating the conflict between two nuclear-armed states. We returned the captured Indian pilot, with no preconditions.

On May 23, after Mr. Modi's reelection, I congratulated him and hoped we could work for ''peace and progress and prosperity in South Asia.'' In June, I sent another letter to Mr. Modi offering dialogue to work toward peace. Again, India chose not to respond.

And we found that while I was making peace overtures, India had been lobbying to get Pakistan placed on the ''blacklist'' at intergovernmental Financial Action Task Force, which could lead to severe economic sanctions and push us toward bankruptcy.

Evidently, Mr. Modi had mistaken our desire for peace in a nuclear neighborhood as appeasement.

We were simply not up against a hostile government. We were up against a ''New India,'' which is governed by leaders and a party that are the products of the Hindu supremacist mother ship, Rashtriya Swayamservak Sangh, or the R.S.S.

The Indian prime minister and several ministers of the government continue to be members of the   R.S.S. whose founding fathers expressed their admiration for Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler.   

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Operational Research on the Kashmir Crisis, continues.

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