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The students of Proud Pakistan, pray and hope to see their

Heroic O''Captain Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, right on the battlefield. Nothing less, and for sure, nothing more.

Prime Minister Modi slapped the gauntlet on entire humanity, and the O''Captain and peace seeking,  Proud Pakistan, is not going to turn turtle on this. Come What May!

The brave and determined Founders of The World Students Society and thousands by thousands of students overwhelm me for a comment.

I do respond : ''This is the country's finest hour!''

I profoundly and most humbly thank Saint Bari Imam, who hosted me and helped me enlighten towards the eternal truth from The Holy Quran :

''We have most certainly created man in the best of compositions. Then we return him to the lowest of the low. Except for those who believe and do righteous deeds, for they will have a reward uninterrupted.'' [AI-Quran, Surah Ay-Tin verse 4, 5 and 6]

With that I acknowledge the honor of all great religions and teachings meant for peace, harmony, sacrifice, freedom for all humanity. 

With all great religions believing in various versions of afterlife destinations, I plan to move on and take up residence with the Orphans of this cruel, and by-and-large, shameless world.

Accompanying me on this great sojourn will be two, two outstanding humans and students, that I will in the due course and future name.

With that, The World Students Society stops and rises to give a resounding ovation to all the contributors and the editorial students on : Sam Daily Times : ''The Voice Of The Voiceless''.

The Global Orphan's voice will now be the loudest ever, right through to eternity.

ON A SUMMER'S DAY IN 1985 seven-year old boy out alone at a crowded bus station in Seoul. sobbing desperately for his mother to return.

Jo Youn-hwan was wearing a baseball uniform that his mother had brought him a few days before -the only gift she had ever given him.

She told him to wait for her before leaving him at the terminal. So he did, increasingly terrified as the day turned to dusk.

''I'll be a really good kid if only she chooses to return,'' he promised himself, over and over again. ''I'll be really, really good kid.''
She never did.

Jo was taken into South Korea's orphanage system, but even the country was for decades one of the world's biggest exporters of children, he was already too old for most parents adoptive parents' preferences.

Never chosen by a new family, he spent the rest of his childhood in what he describes as a vicious and rigidly hierarchical institution, before ''aging out'' at 20.

Children died of curable illnesses and older ones abused younger ones on a daily basis, he said. ''When a new kid arrived and cried because he was scared, the ritual was to cover his body with a blanket and beat him with a bat until he stopped,'' he told AFP.

Rooms and clothes were filthy, the food often rotten and inedible. For years, he wondered what would have happened if he had been adopted.

''My life wouldn't have been so full of 'han', he said - a Korean word describing unresolved sadness and resentment. But many of those who were picked ask themselves similar questions.

Better life? : ''The World Students Society''
International adoption from South Korea began after the Korean War as a way to remove mixed-race children, born to local mothers and American GI fathers, from a country that emphasized homogeneity.

'' This logic of rescue remained strong in the minds of Americans and Koreans alike : rich Americans could give a Korean child a better life that they could never have in Korea with poor parents or a single mother,'' said Arisa Oh, who researches, race, family and migration at Boston College in the U.S.

Among children placed in orphanages, the youngest ''most attractive and healthiest'' were selected for overseas adoption, Oh told AFP.

The idea of rescue ''erased the consumerism'' of international adoption, providing justification for taking children from their country of birth, she added.

For many adopters, that narrative has often led to a sense of alienation in their new lives.

''My whole life I have been told - by adopters, colleagues and at school - I should be grateful, and had I not been adopted, I would have to live in the streets as a prostitute, Hanna Johansson, a Korean adoptee in Sweden explained.

''That could've been You''
Born in Seoul in 1960, Korean-American filmmaker  Glen Morey was abandoned as newborn, and adopted at six months by white American couple.

Growing up in Denver, Colorado, he the only non-white student at any of his schools and struggled  to fit in.
''Being Asian made me different, and it made me the subject of name-calling, bullying, and social exclusion,'' he said.

''When you are experiencing difficulties growing up on everyday basis, .......you begin to wonder what things would've been like in Korea where you would've looked at  least like everyone else.''

A part of his latest project, Side by Side, is an attempt to answer that question, interviewing 12  Koreans who ''aged out''.
Two of them were in the same orphanage where he stayed before sent to the US.

Both disabled, they told him that life on the streets, without a steady job, their next meal always in question and regularly encountering violence.

One told him : '' I just want to have a normal life.''

''Every time we played it just ripped my heart,'' said Morey, who hasn't been able to track down his birth parents.

''By the same token that could've been me, and those struggles could've been mine.''
The World Students Society thanks and honors, authors and researchers, Agencies

With most loving and most respectful dedication to all the Orphans of the world, living in orphanages, and then Leaders, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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