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Please, consider locating this great former colleague and ''manufacturing genius'' for me.

Engineer J Verschoor, [HOOGOVENS], formerly Managing Director Esmil Engineering and G.E. Europe.

Great Verschoor, loves 'bird watching' as a hobby and pass-time. Time for him to begin watching The World Students Society and guide on the job openings and markets, globally.

STUDENTS OF HOLLAND : 'Thank You, and very best wishes for you all!' 


NOW WHERE THE HELL is that research and presentation on : Corporation's Social  Responsibilities? And just don't miss any multinational company operating in the Developing World!''

''And, and I want to know precisely if the Students or Education in anyway, figure in their policies?

And when you speak to their employees, ensure they get to follow the publishing on Sam Daily Times : ''The Voice Of The Voiceless''.

You both must understand : ''Zilli and Juniper'' time to maximise our intellectual capital and get these multinationals, and corporations out of ''drugged capitalism''.

Even in the mid-2000s, digital marketing and its many aspects were too great for the masses to understand as the Internet was in its introduction stage, especially in the Developing World.

With the arrival of Facebook, home-based businesses and the well-established corporate empires were introduced to a new form of marketing and advertising pursued online through Facebook pages and its paid advertising business model.

Digital Marketing, a job that was unheard of in the Developing World, say, Pakistan, even by the mid-2000s is now a job that is offered not only by digital marketing companies and advertising agencies but by all companies from various industries for that matter.

Digital media is the new domain when customers and businesses interact as television, newspaper and radio have taken a backseat.

WHO would have wondered in the late 1980s that one day the world's great professionals would be  exploring, gathering and analyzing data being collected through various sources?

No one would have imagined that in the coming years there would be a social media manager observing, managing and controlling the social media pages of a business to attract new customers, retain old ones and promote the company's products and services through the text, images and videos.

The evolution of professions over the last many decades has spurred because of man's curiosity to explore new vistas in all fields of study.

Where degree programs in engineering and medicine were the only options for the students to pursue in Pakistan up until the late 1990s, the 2000s and the new millennium brought to fore the Internet Revolution that charged and changed the academic and professional landscape across the world.

New vocations, occupations, careers, and livelihoods were born and adopted by those having similar interests in their chosen fields.

A plethora of new career fields over the last decade has emerged in aviation, engineering, medicine and economics, environments, public administration, media, arts, business, service industry, teaching and others.

Here, the new media and and the new economy has played and will continue to play a significant role in assisting academicians, educationists and scholars in deciphering the importance of digital media  and that of the Internet and communication technologies and how they are progressively changing the professions and adding value to the careers.

The courses that students study in universities today when pursuing their degree in marketing and digital media were non-existent years ago and were included in the degree programs once their need and importance were decided by the market trends and by the companies that wanted to hire those specializing in these domains.

The new economy, in this regard, is utilizing the many aspects of tech-based digital jobs to upheld and stimulate businesses working in the new media, which is the digital [online] media.

A digital media division working to develop, maintain and uplift the brand's name through its website and social media is now a pillar of the success of each business.

This will only grow and fortify in the coming years. So, very best wishes for you all!

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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