AVAZA in Turkmenistan was dazzled this August with the presence of the energy elites of Caspian region, when first Caspian Economic Forum was held to promote the broad range of cooperation in diverse fields including trade, economics, transit and transport, energy, humanitarian and close regional integration.

Enriched with traditional Turkmen hospitality, the forum was hosted as a result of unwavering efforts the President of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov after the five nation of the Caspian Sea in August 2018 in Kazakistan.

This was a landmark agreement that divides the entire seabed of the Caspian Sea between the Caspian five and make the entire Sea as an international water with its international stature.

The five-Caspian state - Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Russia and Kazakhstan agree on the use of water and exploration to the seabed through this convention.

The primary aim of the forum was meant to implement the projects to promote the investment and cooperation opportunities in the diverse sectors.

Large number of delegations from the Caspian region countries were present led by the highest levels of the political and ministerial elite.

The Russian delegation was led by the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and the Russian delegation have voiced to host the next Caspian Economic Forum in Astrakhan in 2020.

Apart from the Russian Prime Minister, Vice President of Iran. Prime Minister of Azerbaijan, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan were the highest representatives from the Caspian five.

This important event gathered more than 3,000 diplomats, political elite, representatives of the multinational companies, business groups, journalists, scholars from across the world.

Apart from the Conference and dialogue forum, an International Caspian exhibition of innovative technologies and Turkmen Sahra 2019 was also arranged.

This was meant to familiarize the participants about the achievements modern technologies and the automotive industry in Turkmenistan.

The glorious role of Turkmenistan and leadership has remained instrumental in making this positive and concrete initiative for the regions peace and prosperity.

The honor and serving of the latest global operational research on these great Caspian nations, and their economic cooperation, continues. !WOW! thanks author and researcher M Asif Noor.


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