HUJRA culture is a symbol and even a center of gravity, of unity and gesture of brotherhood in a Pashtun society. 

SOCIAL institutions made by society to address the needs of that very time and if these institutions are contributing continuously, then they become institutions of that very society.

The institutions of Education, Family and religion etc, are the outcome of human needs and still they are addressing the issues for which these institutions had been formed.

But social change is a continuous process and society needs to modify and make it according to the new needs and demands of that very particular age.

Unfortunately third world countries have no space for accepting this due to lack of material and non-material resources which leads to chaos and disturbance in the society.

The disturbance and chaos in a society is just because of the dysfunctionalism of these institutions  which leads society to destruction.

In Europe during the dark days and ages, the institution of religion was doing the same to society, in Hindustan the old ancient Institution of Education did the same to the society of Hindus and maintained the status quo and resisted the social change.

The Honor and serving of the latest thinking on Societies and Evolution, continues. The World Students Society thanks author and researcher Abid Ali.


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