EDUCATIONAL trips by students to the historical places have shown positive results towards learning.

In the past, the renowned educational institutions had this traveling activity as a compulsory part of    their of their extra-curricular engagements.

The trips were planned and executed carefully with full cooperation and consultation of parents and their wards.

The educational trips provide respite both to the students and teachers from their routine hectic life of classrooms. Throughout the academic year, the students remain occupied in reading, writing and doing assignment works.

The students on these educational trips observe and explore the real objects, sites and environments of the wonderful paces read in the books and told by their teachers.

Our country is blessed with a number of historical, interesting and attractive places in each province.

The teaching in our schools and colleges is confined to the classrooms. This does not allow students to expand their thinking. A visit to these places can boost the understanding and approach of the students.

The educational institutions in the rural areas have famous castles, forts and ruins speaking of the past grandeur and glory.

The management is required to devise feasibility and convenience for arranging the visits for students to such places within the affordable expenditures.

Upbringing of the country's youth is the collective responsibility of the stakeholders.

The tourism department can chalk out tour programmes for the students during the summer, winter and other holidays.

Northen areas have abundant scenic beauty and glamour. The mountains and the peaks have history associated with the area. Similarly, other provinces, Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, and Gilgit-Baltistan, have worth seeing places replete with historical events.

In collaboration with stakeholders such as tourism department, efforts can be made to hold games, sports and recreational activities at these places so that local inhabitants may also enjoy the events.

Global Students, and the Students of Pakistan need to track down Roh-e-Safar [The Spirit of Adventure] on Facebook, and stir them into some great action for ''great economic packages and even credit facilities for the students''.

The World Students Society will research, watch and then review with write-ups, from group led by Faisal Rasul.

The World Students Society, thanks author M. Saleem Ansari, and assures him of our total support in this regard.


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