THE Hiding Game exhibit by Naomi Wood signifies art and lies.

England, the seaside, sometime in the 1980s and Paul Brickman is beginning a new painting.

He is famous for his abstracts, with saturated blocks of bright colour, but this new work is different:
It's a figurative self-portrait.

And he follows the lines of his physiognomy - bald head, proud nose, doughy ageing neck - he begins to tell the story of himself.

He starts in 1922, when he was called Paul Beckerman, and had just arrived in the Bauhaus art school, then based in Weimar.

The Bauhaus babies, as the first year are called, introduced to some fundamentals by expressionist painter and teacher Johannes Itten. ''You - we are here to play,'' he says.

''Every day I want you to spend a part of it doing nothing but daydreaming. It is a radical act to do nothing.''

''Instress'' is the thing - the singularity and essence of materials that, if clearly, perceived, will dictate form.''  [Guardian]


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