Headline August 31, 2019/ ''WHITHER? HAPPINESS! WORLD?''


HAPPINESS IS BUT AN OCCASIONAL EPISODE in a general drama of total pain..........

IN PROUD PAKISTAN - THE STUDENTS will rise to bow their heads today, for the sufferings and  future of the Kashmiri people. They will do that for ever, and more.

On The World Students Society - the Founders and the students of the entire world will rise to ponder the sufferings of all the oppressed people in the world. Just one too many, to name.

RUSSEL wrote his The Conquest of Happiness as far back as 1930, and it is as relevant today as it was then.

While checking the reviews of his book in Good Reads, it was not surprising that to note that his views get astonishingly high ratings from modern readers despite the passage of nearly 90 years, when he expounded them.

It is because his rationale mind tends to find correct answers by raising a counter question : ''What causes unhappiness''. Instead of going in a roundabout manner, the counter question leads to a precise and direct answer.

Russel has regarded gratitude as the common denominator in the quest for happiness. Happy people are always grateful. When people are grateful they are also happy. When people are ungrateful they are also unhappy.

Shakespeare regarded ungratefulness as ''sharper than the tooth of a serpent.''

According to Russel, we must be grateful to God for all the bounties He has imposed on us. It is essential to heighten your sensitivity to God's Love and God's grace which will in turn make you happy.

One must busy oneself in one's work to avoid unhappiness. One should be engrossed in doing the things one loves. You will be happier when you are a busy bee.

Being active in something you can engage your skills in keeps keeps your mind distracted from things in life that you can't control. When you stay busy you create positive feelings and avoid negative ones by forgetting them.

The most miserable man is the one who is absorbed in the consciousness of sin. This man is perpetually incurring his own disapproval, which, if he is religious, he interprets as the disapproval of God.

He has an image of himself as he thinks he ought to be, which is continual conflict with his knowledge of himself as he is. He learns in his childhood that swearing is wicked; drinking is wicked; ordinary business shrewdness is wicked; above all, sex is wicked.

He does not, of course, abstain himself from all these pleasures but they are all poisoned for him by the feeling that that they degrade him.

In his disappointment, he becomes cruel, repents of his cruelty and starts afresh in the dreary round of imagined sin and real remorse. There is the psychology of many apparently hard-boiled reprobates.

This man who is only interested in himself is not admirable, and is not felt to be so. Consequently, the man whose sole concerns with the world is that it shall admit him is not likely to achieve his object.

Russel calls this Byrionic unhappiness. Such a man will not be completely happy since human instinct is never completely self-centered, and the narcissist is limiting himself artificially just as truly as is the man dominated by a sense of sin.

Vanity when it passes beyond a certain time, kills pleasure in every activity for its own sake, and thus leads inevitably to listlessness and boredom.

The megalomaniac differs from the narcissist by the fact that he wishes to be powerful rather than charming, and seeks to be feared rather than loved.

To this type belong many lunatics and most of the great men in history.

Love of power, like vanity, is a strong element in normal human nature, and as such is to be accepted; it becomes deplorable only when it is excessive or associated with an insufficient sense of  reality.

Where this occurs, it makes a man unhappy or foolish, or both.

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