Headline August 30, 2019/ '' 'HAPPINESS QUESTING STUDENTS' ''



For all the struggles to follow, for an eternal Happiness of the whole Mankind; and gives the fellow humans a standing ovation.


Nothing greater, nothing more innocent, radiating, more determined, and just so happy than The Students of 'The World Students Society'.

The Students' position in the world, vis-a-vis all other humans is totally indisputable. He and she, at  his and her stage and cycle of life, is 'superior to all'.

GREAT PHILOSOPHIC MASTER SOCRATES has a very unique place in the history of happiness. Socrates argued that-

Happiness being a godly quality - is a rare occurrence and is reserved only for those whom the gods specially favoured. It was a time when Greeks had a rather cynical view of human existence. The idea that one could obtain happiness for oneself was considered arrogance,

From Socrates onwards, while several philosophers and religious leaders of all faiths believed that  true and lasting happiness was indeed possible, it has also been labelled as the most misunderstood phenomenon in the world.

Happiness, is one of the most oft-repeated words as everyone in his wish or prayer desires happiness for others.

It is thought to be the greatest blessing in the world. It is also the most cherished goal. If you ask anyone 'what do you want'' the answer is often 'happiness'. It is because happiness is the goal that makes other life goals - success, prosperity and relationship feel meaningful.

There can be a debate whether happiness is a destination or a journey, but there can't be any good debate regarding good deeds to be primary source of happiness.

Small acts of kindness, gestures of affection, compassionate words and helping others all add up to good deeds radiating pro-social behaviour.

It is said that if you are willing to accept that happiness already exists in you, you will begin to experience more happiness around you. Being willing to accept yourself is the first step to bringing out the best in you.

Some people chase happiness while other people choose happiness. Money can't buy you happiness because true happiness is not a material achievement.

If you make a list of things that give you true and lasting happiness, it would surprise you that your list would include all those things that cost no money and are totally priceless, like laughter, friendship, meditation, air, wild nature, fresh air, kindness and stars at night.

Money, no doubt is a big source of pleasure, but it is not the only source of pleasure. Since glut of everything is bad, too much money can be a source of worries and fears, enough to rob you of the true happiness of life.

Only that much money is essential that can fulfill your basic requirements of leading a happy and content life. Poverty is one of the most wretched things in life, and a paramount source of unhappiness.

Utilitarian thinkers such as John Stuart Mill and Jeremy Bentham advanced the greatest happiness principle as guide for critical behaviour.

In our own time, there are two distinguished philosophers, Bertrand Russell and the Dalai Lama, who have extensively written about Happiness.

Dalai Lama in his The Art of  Happiness writes. ''I believe that the very purpose of our life is to seek Happiness. That is clear whether one believes in a religion or not..''

He further states : ''Unhappy people tend to be self-focused, withdrawn, brooding and even antagonistic.

On the other hand people tend to be more sociable, flexible and creative and are and are able to tolerate life's daily frustrations more uneasily than unhappy people.''

The Honor and Serving of the latest Global Operational  Research on Happiness and all its States, continues. The World Students Society thanks author Zafar Aziz Chaudhry.

With respectful dedication to the Grandparents, Parents, Leaders, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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