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''O'' WORLD STUDENTS WHAT JUSTICE is there in this world?
Kashmiris all quarantined, to be crippled, The central African continent all withering to jails; Rohingyas, raped, bayoneted, and cut to shreds; Palestinians drowning in sorrows, wounds and sufferings, Venzuealians on streets, Afghans so graved..........

When a young Muslim, self-radicalized online, kills in the name of Islamist ideology, the world has no trouble calling him a terrorist and connecting him with groups like ISIS.

When a young white man, similarly self-radicalized kills in the name of racist ideology - even when he publishes a manifesto to that effect - the world tends to call him disturbed.

We speak about him as a troubled loner, rather than a member of a wider network. The disparities are not limited to cultural perceptions.
TEARS AND FEARS as Russian students jailed over opposition growing protests.

In Moscow's Higher School of Economics [HSE] - more than 300 teaching staff signed an open letter urging the court to close the case against student Zhukov and the others.

HSE, founded in 1992, is seen as one of Russia's most progressive schools and has said it will not expel him.

But Philosophy professor Kirill Martynov has predicted ''quite a harsh collision of views" when the term starts in September as a group of teachers have urged the university to stay ''outside politics''.

Zhukov was a ''popular, independent student'' but his behavior after his arrest has made him a ''hero''  to many, professor Martnov said.


By contrast another of the detained students, Danail Konon, who is studying engineering at Moscow's prestigious Bauman Institute, was not known to have some political views.

Konon is a former cadet who has taken part in military parades on Red Square.

He attended the protest last month after collecting signatures in support of an opposition candidate as a summer job, his lawyer said.

When election authorities rejected prominent opposition candidates' applications to stand, they cited faked signatures of support in several cases.

Ren-TV showed him gesturing at protesters and he told the channel he was showing them which way to go.

Fellow Bauman engineering student Daniil Khryashov, 21, said :

''He's patriotic... he wasn't even against the current authorities.'' Konon went to the rally because he was upset that the authorities rejected the genuine signatures he had collected, Khyashov said.

His mother Natalya Konon, who runs a dog shelter, told AFP he ''wasn't involved in politics'' and hadn't gone to previous rallies. ''He wasn't part of the opposition,'' she insisted.

Also facing a criminal charge is Aidar Gubaidulin, who recently graduated from Moscow Physical and Technical University, a hot spot for top programmers.

Rectors at several other leading Moscow universities have warned students against breaking the law at protests on pain of expulsion.


The detentions have prompted some Russian celebrities to speak out in support, including popular rapper Oxxxymiron, whose real name is Miron Fyodorov.

Not previously known for his political views, the 34-year old wore a T-shirt with Zhukov's face at an  August rally and attended court to offer him bail of two million rubles [ $30,000].

''Yegor Zhukov is clearly a principled, idealistic guy that didn't actually break any law,'' he told AFP.  ''If he's being accused of being the organiser of a riot but the riot didn't actually take place, that's clearly absurd.''

Explaining his decision to speak out now, the rapper said : ''Everyone has their personal boiling point.''

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