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THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY RISES to thank and give the Founders all, and the students of America, and then the world's, a standing ovation.

''WHAT STUDENTS AND GREAT UNIVERSITIES are we talking about here, Zilli? : Oxford, Colombia, Nust, GIK, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Cambridge, IBA, Bahria?''

The entire world's 'divisive traditions and practices' of zero involvement and participation for a better world reaches, just about the last leg to the precipice. 'And this happens to be the most complex and difficult part'.

And a fair and independent study by students indicates the world's growing trust and confidence in The World Students Society. So, in the years ahead, were Sam Daily Times to publish over 17 news daily, we have entered the universe's orbit.

We got this far, with a splendid support from the students of the United States of America. We should now go on to attempt a 'Trans Lunar Injection', and begin our descent to the Moon with the support of the students of the entire world.

And with that we fly over the ''Arab Spring'', and see a first hand account of how the world ambles in its pursuits. pain, anguish and living.

SEVEN SAYS LATER, Anthony called me from Cairo's Tahrir square Square, where he was on assignment for The Times, so that I could listen with him to the jubilation that had erupted among protesters when President Hosni Mubarak's regime was felled.

I was in Beirut and he wanted to share with me this epic moment in the history of the Arab world.

I sometimes thinks of Anthony's death as an unintended consequence of the Arab revolt. In February 2012, he sneaked into Syria for the second time to interview armed rebels and opposition activists for The Times.

The smuggler who agreed to take him arranged to hike and travel by horseback across the mountainous border between the two countries. Anthony had asthma and was allergic to horses, but he had his inhalers and had never needed more than that.

The last time I spoke to him was on Feb 14, 2012. He was in northern Syria and called me from his satellite phone to wish me a happy Valentine's Day.

He said he was to leave Syria in a day or two, again traveling by hiking and horseback, and that the trip had been the best one of of his entire career. Malik and I traveled to Antakya on the night of Feb 16 to meet him.

Shortly before midnight, I was awakened when my cellphone rang. It was Jill Abramson, who was the executive editor of The Times. ''Anthony had a fatal asthma attack,'' she said.

I repeated the sentence in my head, but it took some time to understand what she was trying to tell me.

I curled up on the bathroom floor and cried. I wanted to scream but Malik was asleep, and I didn't  want to startle him.

In her book, about the death of her husband, ''The Year of Magical Thinking,'' Joan Didion writes that ''people who have lost someone look naked because they think themselves invisible.'' Invisibility is a comforting feeling when your heart is so heavy.

After Anthony died, I preferred places where I knew no one and where no one knew me. 

This was more than seven years ago. And yet on some days, it still feels as raw as it did that night in Turkey. I quit journalism, and left my home in Beirut, and moved thousands of miles away from everyone I knew and everything familiar.

Motherhood has saved me from making the wrong choices and forced me to get out of bed when I had no energy, will or desire to do so. Along the way I became someone I don't recognize.

I lost the balance and the discipline I once had. Being a journalist and being in the Middle East are both constant reminders of my loss. I needed the distance from both to be able to grieve and feel alive again.

I often remember the phone conversation I had with Anthony from Idlib before he died. He listed all the reasons the Syrian revolution would not succeed.

Following his death, it became clear that that he was right about Syria and that the Arab Spring had failed to realize the dreams of the Arabs to live in free and democratic countries. Instead it left great losses, all senseless, including my own.

When major events take place, we tend to think of them in sweeping terms, as movements involving masses of people. When they pass, we move on too. Only those who have lost a dear life will carry the scarring from those times and become defined by it.

With respectful dedication to the Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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