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To get involved in the future so we don't get antiseptic cities,'' said Frank Menchaca, SAE's chief product officer. ''We need things to be aesthetically pleasing. We have to bring people along.''.

Autonomous vehicles could be designed to never exceed the speed limits except in emergencies,  resulting in a sharp drop in traffic tickets - and revenue.

Our local governments could mandate that such a car's software be programmed to stay within certain speed limits, or stay off residential streets that are now used as freeways-avoiding shortcuts.

Cars could be programmed to drive   aggressively as well as conservatively, depending on the owner. But if two ''conservative'' vehicles meet at an intersection, which one will finally decide to cross the roadway?

The problem will be exacerbated when autonomous and naturally driven vehicles occupy the same roads; will a driver try to outwit a self-driving vehicle, or will that car always have the advantage.

Given that vehicles in the United States are typically kept for close to 12 years, it will be decades  before the majority of the 278 million standard vehicles - and their independent and unpredictable drivers - are off American roads.

Until then, it's possible that self-driving cars will need their own lanes, to avoid mixing it up with cars driven by humans, whose errors now account for 94% of vehicle crashes.

Other potential changes include a reduction in the need of for parking lots, once autonomous cars can simply park themselves anywhere, or circle around until they're needed.

Architects are working on parking lot designs that can be repurposed into offices.

And cities will need to find new sources of revenues if an autonomous vehicle can drive away from a parking meter once it expires, or never park at all.

Some of the safety issues are expected to be mitigated by the inclusion of vehicle-to-vehicle, and vehicle-to-infrastructure, communications, technology that will allow one vehicle or traffic light to another vehicle where it is and what it is about to do.

This technology is beginning to appear in some models, but the federal government will not mandate its use.

The administration official said the government would not force the issue.

An autonomous vehicle's behavior will be of concern to manufacturers and insurance companies. ''If the automaker is ultimately responsible for an autonomous vehicle's behavior, then they will want it to act conservatively,.'' Mr. Winfree said.

Within the next several months, SAE International expects to have formulated a list of autonomous vehicle standards.

They include autonomous testing protocols for drivers, as well as the standardization of the placement of emergency stop buttons, the action that should be taken in case of an emergency, and  the type of warning that pedestrian should receive when an autonomous vehicle is approaching.

Industry executives expect that in the next few years, the public will begin to see self-driving vehicles operating in limited environments, such as people movers and delivery vehicles.

[Lyft is testing self-driving vehicles in Las Vegas and Phoenix, with a human backup ready to take the wheel]

Their hope is that people public sentiment toward autonomous cars will become more positive thanks to education efforts, and once people can buy them.

At the same time, it's important that as communities change, possibly physically, they don't become sterile 1960s ''Jetsons'' - like environments that favor vehicles.

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