Headline August 17, 2019/ '' 'SELF-DRIVING CARS STUDENTS' ''


''The single most transformative societal change in decades. The Students of the world, and everybody else has to be ready for it.

'Unfortunately we're not'. How society will adjust, or what we can do to mitigate cultural upheavals, is just beginning to be discussed. Today, there are very few answers.

Autonomous vehicles are classified in six levels, from zero to five. Fully autonomous, Level 5, vehicles will not be available for 10 years or longer, Mr Mark Rosekind believes, and only after they've been tested for billions, not the current millions of miles.

But a Level 4 autonomous car that can completely drive itself under certain circumstances will come to market in 5 years or less, experts say. And that makes the formulation of new rules for cities and citizens and students imperative............

IMAGINE NEW YORK WITHOUT jaywalking. Or Los Angeles freeways without speeding, or Moscow without grinding traffic, or any developing world city without sanity.

IF self-driving cars are going to move forward, these are among the many possibilities that the people dreaming up the future of the cities will have to really consider.

In the developing world cities, and even in New York, the unwritten rule is plain : Cross the street whenever and wherever - just don't get hit. It's a practice that separates New Yorkers from tourists, who innocently wait at the corner for the walk symbol.

But if pedestrians knew they would be run over, jaywalking might explode, bringing the traffic to a halt.

One solution, suggested by an automotive industry official, is gates at each corner that would periodically open to allow pedestrians to cross.
That prospect seems improbable. But it's an example of the thinking by those who worry about planning for the future.

''With autonomous vehicles, the stuff will get worked out. It's the societal part that's the most challenging,'' said Mark Rosekind, a head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration under President Barrack Obama and now the chief innovation officer for Zoox, an autonomous-vehicle developer.

The variables are almost limitless. While New York poses a pedestrian problem, California's highways raise another.

In the United States,  the rules that are  likely to govern these self-driving cars are being contemplated by such organizations as SAE International, a transportation standards setting organization; university transportation departments; and -

Partners for Automated Vehicle Education, a recently formed industry and academic coalition that is conducting autonomous-vehicle demo days, workshops and other activities.

The United States government while supporting the effort is not leading the charge. An administration official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said local officials should tailor any guidelines.

While news media attention has recently focused on the handful of deaths caused by autonomous vehicles, education is needed to convince people that the  self-driving cars will be much safer than today's cars and trucks, which kill more than 30,000 people every year in the United States, Mr. Rosekind said.

''It's going to be mosh pit for the next 30 years,'' said Gregory Winfree, director of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute an a former assistant secretary of the transportation Department.

''The question is how we operate collaboratively when we have a mix of self-driving and manually driven vehicles,'' he said.

''What will happen when both approach a yellow light and the A.V. slows down but the driver of the regular vehicle wants to speed up?

From Day 1, we have the potential for a conflict.'' 

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