Headline August 10, 2019/ '' 'WORK WAR WAND' ''



The World Students Society will have the biggest and largest ''intellectual capital'' mankind has ever known.

Mark my words, every single flashpoint and problem that you are seeing, witnessing and experiencing, will gyrate and fall to the ''Domain Of The World Students Society'' to solve.

Have left over 768 hours of complete briefing with Founder Hussain Ali, for custody and posterity, and the Students Ecosystem 2011. The Founders of The World Students Society are ready.

Founders : Merium, Rabo, Zilli, Haleema, Dee, Saima, Zainab, Juniper, Aqsa, Lakshmi, Armeen,  Dantini, Seher, Shahbano, Hussain, Ali, Shahzaib, Haider,  Salar, Jordan, Vishnu, Zaeem, Reza, Ghazi, Danyial, to review ''Contingency Planning.''

Its every leaders fate to be faced with ''intractable problems'' to suffer, and that primes the leaders to go through the motions of redeeming solutions. It rarely and never works.

Work is like Water : The Leaders of both Pakistan and India have tremendous work cut out before them. Staving off disasters will be and should be their first and upper most priority or a-

A World War will raise its ugly head.

Proud Pakistan's trust for and on India has sunk well below negativity. No country can truly and sincerely help. If Proud Pakistan views all this as an exsistencetial threat, the gloves are off.

In judgmental work, O'' Captain is not going to walk away from the situation.

He is going to come to grips with it, no matter what the cost. He understands that better than anybody : Pakistan just can't go in to the future ''compounding its vulnerabilities''.

In Super Power, America, this great man, President Donald J Trump, too, has Work cut out for him, as he visited the mass shooting victims at hospitals amid protests.

The tragic shootings shocked the entire world, even as critics and protesters accused him of inflaming tensions with anti-immigration and racially charged rhetoric.

Trump visited Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, where the victims were treated after nine people and the suspect were killed in a rampage early last Sunday.

Crowds of protesters outside the hospital set up a ''baby Trump'' blimp balloon, chanted ''Do Something!'' and held signs reading ''Hate not welcome here,'' ''Stop this terror,'' and ''You are why.''

Authorities in Texas have said they are investigating Saturday's shooting spree in the predominantly Hispanic west Texas border city of EI Paso as a hate-crime and an act of domestic terrorism.

They cited a racist manifesto posted online shortly before the shooting, which they attributed to the suspect.

So, returning to the post, remember, Work quickly spreads and seeps in to fill spaces in our personal lives. But there are ways to stop the flow.

The properties of fluid dynamics make water difficult to control or predict. All surfers are confronted with this each time we paddle out. With the relatively recent we-can-work-from anywhere mind-set that modern technology encourages work is becoming more like water:

Harder to manage and protect against. Before we notice it, work demands have permeated time we should have with our families, our communities and ourselves.

Like water it is stealthy and powerful. It can crack or wear away the strongest foundations. When work is like water, it can erode and destabilize our lives

Around the same time as my son's pointed question, I admitted to my husband my fear that if I kept working without respite or release, I would become seriously ill.

I was recovering from a bout of pneumonia that I'd ignored too long and I felt vulnerable to the ills that stress can cause. Less than a year later, I learned I had cancer.

My desire to get back in the water was what kept pushing me through treatments and surgeries and to fight to regain my strength.

It turns out that play is a great bulwark against work and more.

Work can be something we enjoy. At best, it's where we shine and excel and prove our worth, It's something we seek to master. Play is different.

It's the release from having to master it that makes it play.

But play can be hard because it means giving up being the master - or at least the illusion of it. That can be uncomfortable, and for some of us, frustrating and excruciating.

But when we play for playing's sake, there is no directive or goal. Transcending our usefulness is the  valiant and defiant protest against the demands of our result-focused lives.

It not only provides a necessary respite but also serves as a practice for the stuff that really matters, like being a more balanced human being.

Too often, I am ashamed to admit, that's something I am not very good at.

The 18-century poet and Philosopher Friedrich Schiller warned against being driven purely by work in his ''On the Aesthetic Education of Man.''

He wrote, Man only plays when he is in the fullest sense of the word a human being, and he is only fully a human being when he plays.''

When I am in the ocean and surfing, I am fully human.

When work pushes past the tide line and blends with my salty haven - a conference call on the beach, for example - what do I become?

What am I if I am not a human being in the fullest sense of the word?.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Grandparents, Parents,  Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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