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THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY : with a set passage to greatness, is turning into the most respected organization in the world.

''!E-WOW! is the real sport''

Most senior students would know ''Dungeons & Dragons'. Not lions and tigers and bears, but dwarves elves and dragons, oh my:

The World Students Society - is the entire universe's best and only hope against, wars, injustices, criminals, crooks, corrupt, hate-mongers, many-faced, back stabbers, rogues, thugs, sufferings, poverty, cheats, liars, con artists, quick buck artists, and on and on I can go..................

Mark my words : ''They are all ''Masters of Scale''

!WOW! and the major part of the Ecosystem 2011 is imagining the world as it could possible be,  thinking about it on a scale of the change of humanity, or the change of what it is to human, and thinking about the impact of technology on those things.

''A willingness to think for yourself is probably the greatest of things that growing up on The World Students Society will really help you with.

But with power comes responsibility. Wherever you have power - it could be wealth, it could be a business position, even a celebrity - you have a responsibility to humanity and your society.

When you have power, you can't just sit on the sidelines and say, ''That's not my problem.''

New homes, then for surging e-sports.

''The commitment to this ecosystem has been gigantic in the last 10 years. We don't think this is going away.''

Equipped with a production studio, a training center, and three private suites lines with bars and fridges, the 60,000 square-foot development will sit in the middle of the South Philadelphia Sports Complex which includes the Wells Fargo Center, where the Flyers and the 76ers play.

Not will the arena project help e-sports cement its status in the mainstream, experts say, its also expected to unleash a wave of similar projects.

''Linking the arena to an existing sports complex will make people realize this is not just about video games being played by Kids,'' said Barry Seymour, the executive director of the  Delaware Valley regional planning Commission, a regional advocacy group.

''!WOW! is a real sport.'' The students must dream big!

Also, because tournaments can last eight hours, fans will be able to stretch their legs in a roomier-than-usual concourse dotted with bars, food vendors and a merchandise store.

Aside from getting fans to open their wallets, creating a brick-and-mortar home for e-sports can draw another revenue source : marketers.

''Advertisers are trying to reach a ton of people that are difficult to reach otherwise,'' said Eric Haggstrom, who analyzes the video games industry for eMarketer, a research firm.

Players tend to have disposable income, but they don't consume traditional media, even social media  offerings like Facebook, Mr Haggstrom said.

The ad-market for e-sports is still relatively tiny, just $178 million this year, according to eMarketer.

But the rapid growth in viewers in the United States - 30 million this year, up from 26 million last year, and 43 million expected by 2022, according to eMarketer - has team and arena owners dreaming big, analysts say.

Comcast declined to provide details on naming rights for Fusion Arena, but analysts say that an e-sports arena would probably fetch an amount akin to a college basketball arena, which can run from $500,000 to $1 million a year.

In general e-sports already have corporate backers. Sponsors of the Overwatch League include T-mobile, Coca-Cola and Toyota.

Sponsorships are a critical revenue stream; in 2019, they are expected to total $457 million in revenue, eMarketer said.

More broadly, the Fusion Arena could put North America on closer footing with Asia, where e-sports center are prevalent.

China is home to first sports e-sports stadium built from the ground up; it opened in Chongqing in 2017.

South Korea has long been a leader in e-sports, with multiple TV channels dedicated to to broadcasting competitions., which are often held in large stadiums to accommodate the crowds.

Despite the excitement, analysts say it can be risky to dedicate a whole building to a single video game like Overwatch, as tastes change quickly.

''Publishers are coming out with new games every month,'' Mr. Haggstrom said. ''It's a very competitive moment.''

Fusion Arena is not putting all is chips on Overwatch. The league has a seven month season, which leaves five months of programming to fill to help cover development and operating costs.

During the off-season, rows of seats and even the stage at Fusion Arena can be easily removed to create extra space for games like Fortnite that can have 100 players.

The arena can also handle small small concerts, business meetings or lectures, said Blake Cordish, a vice president at the developer.

The facility also furthers Cordish's goal to make the area a broader entertainment district.

''We know your home team won't win every time,'' Mr. Cordish said. ''But we want you to have fun every time.''.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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