PAKISTAN : BEACONHOUSE students set record by securing 17,997 A*s and As.

Students from the Beaconhouse School System across Pakistan achieved a record breaking total of 17,997 A8s and As in the 2019 CAIE O and A Level exams, making this the highest total for any school network in Pakistan.

With this achievement, Beaconhouse students continue the tradition of setting new benchmarks!

This is a testament to the dedication and and commitments of the students, teachers and parents in setting new standards of excellence. It resonates with the exemplary guidance and support that the Beaconhouse teachers and school management provide to the students in the critical years.

The A Level programme at Beaconhouse School System is in the third decade of success supported with a growing network of 27 A Level campuses across 16 cities.

The Beaconhouse College Programme features the renowned Access Center where counsellors guide students with university placements and scholarships, ensuring that they are well on their pathway to the future!

This ensure Beaconhouse College Programe is Pakistan's leading A-Level Programme.

Beconhouse students have a tradition of admissions in top-ranked international and national universities having received scholarships of $95 million in 2019 alone!

Becaonhouse remains the leader in education contributing to the development of Pakistan with the alumni base of over 90,000 Beaconhouse!

The successful exam results are just not limited to O and A.

Beaconhouse students have also excelled in the  International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme [IBDP] and the Middle Years Programme [MYP].

Students of Beaconhouse IBDP batch of 2019 are amongst the top 3% of the world, whereas students of MYP batch of 2019 exams are amongst the top 4% in the world.

Equally impressive are the Beaconhouse students who have secured top marks in the Matriculation exams nationwide!

It is a moment of great pride and honor for our students, teachers, and parents, who have worked tirelessly to make these achievements possible.

Congratulations to the deserving students, who now move ahead to greater achievements, and continue to make their parents, schools and the nation proud.

Onwards and Upwards!

The World Students Society thanks the News Desk, Daily Times.


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