RECENTLY my colleagues asked me to join them for a lunch. What I saw at the eatery made me puke. Food packaging is as important as food hygiene and a concern for many like me.

The paratha we ordered were wrapped in a NEWSPAPER. I visualised the newspaper ink being transferred into the parathas and eventually making its way inside my body.

That reminded me of Punjab Food Authority [PFA] ban on food being served in newspaper as its ink has harmful chemicals like phthalate which can cause digestive problems, breast cancer, and obesity.

It can also lead to severe toxicity.

It is an alarming situation for everyone and people and should understand basic ethics and duties.

The PFA initiated food grade material packaging. A scientific panel drafted the Packaging Material Regulation 2018 and after its promulgation, the sale of  food in non-food grade material was banned across the province.

But people continue to use newspaper for packaging or serving food. Stricter action should be taken against this and the government should know how bad it is for our future generation.

People should know that their lives are at risk if they keep eating in non-food grade material. By eating in non-food grade material, they will encourage mafia to grow their business.

The PFA has Punjab Food Authority School in 26 districts. It trains food handlers with level one I and II courses which give basic learning to the food handlers, chef, owners etc.

The food industry owners should get their workers qualified from PFA School to ensure food quality.

To stop food producers not following the laws, we can file complaints against them or call the authorities concerned and inform them about the place using harmful material.

The World Students Society thanks the writer, Usama Parvez, Lahore.


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