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THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY - STOPS, and rises, to pay its profound respects to President Donald J Trump and give him a standing ovation

The World Students Society - for every subject in the world, avails itself of the singular honor to  bestow on President Donald J Trump, a lifelong honorary membership.

In the ''miracle of  miracles'' The World Students Society got this far, by the outstanding support  from the Students of America. These worthy Founders Shahzaib Khan, Bilal Malik, Salar Khan to name, just a few.

MR PRESIDENT, India and Pakistan have had more than 150 official round of talks in the last seven decades to discuss conflicts and grave differences between them.

The by-product of every round of talk was an agreement to meet again, and yet again, to talk.

THE KASHMIRI AMERICAN COMMUNITY, the brave and great Kashmiri community the entire  world over has been informed of the deep gratitude -

Felt by the people of Kashmir at the forthright and principle stand taken by President Donald J Trump for offering his office of meditation to settle the 71-year-old dispute between India and Pakistan.

President Trump was quoted to have said at the White House on July 22, 2019, during his meeting with O'' Captain Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, ''If I can help I would love to be mediator. If I can do anything to help, let me know.''

President Trump added, ''I heard so much about Kashmir. Such a beautiful name. Such a beautiful part of the world.''

The sentiments expressed by President Trump were both humane and pragmatic and should gather full support within the United States and well beyond.

Its very clear that Kashmir needs a strong and determined will and the genius of an imagination that has negotiating skills and knows how to bring people together.

We believe that there cannot be a better person than President Trump himself to mediate between the parties concerned.

Mediation by the President would free from the jealousies and the ambition that characterize individual initiatives. President Trump will have to remain under an obligation to please any particular power or particular set of powers or groups.

Without reservation, it can be said that the person who becomes instrumental in resolving the Kashmir dispute - the bone of contention between the two very potentially dangerous countries -deserves not only the Nobel Peace Prize but also a special place in History.

The resolution of the dispute will bring unparalleled honor to the one who helps to achieve it.

That honors could be yours, Mr. President.
Your leadership in helping to settle the Kashmir dispute should not be seen to favor India or Pakistan but to advance the cause of freedom, democracy and human rights in the region of South Asia.

We do not wish the future dialogue on Kashmir between India and Pakistan to stagnate or be broken off. Nor do we want it to it to be just make-believe. We remind all concerned that there are equal dangers for peace in the two possibilities. Each of them can be averted only by the mediation of President Trump.

India and Pakistan have had more than 150 official round of talks in the last seven decades to discuss conflicts and differences between them. The by-product of every round of talk was an agreement to meet again.

In consequence the peace process between India and Pakistan have always remained an illusion. Talks have always remained barren because both India and Pakistan have never defined the parameters of talks.

The talks were never meant to be time bound with specific benchmarks that would define and characterize progress.

WE ARE FULLY aware that the settlement of the Kashmir dispute cannot be achieved in one move.  Like all qualified observers, we visualize successive steps or intermediate solutions in the process. It is one thing, however, to think of a settlement over a relatively extended period of time. It is atrociously different to postpone the beginning of the process on that account.

WHAT is desperately needed is is an affirmation by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Prime Minister Imran Khan of the necessity of taking new measures to effect the settlement of the dispute within a reasonable time frame.

To that end, India and Pakistan must together prepare a plan for demilitarization of the Sate with safeguards for security worked out together.

All parties need to understand that ultimately the Kashmir dispute will only be resolved across the table through tripartite negotiations between India, Pakistan and the Kashmiri leadership.

President Trump, Sir, and if that is true, then why wait? Any delay will cause more deaths and destruction in the region.

The World Students Society prays for earliest success, and thanks author Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, Secretary General, Washington-based World Kashmir Awareness Forum.

With respectful dedication to Dee and Hussain, the great and brave people of Kashmir, and then the Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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