Headline July 24, 2019/ '' 'READING STUDENTS- ROARING' ''


OVER MANY DECADES, and then over this recent decade, I kept emphasizing to the Heroic Founders, the critical importance of Reading :

To Merium, Rabo, Haleema, Dee, Sameen, Areesha,  Zilli, Saima,  Aqsa, Haider, Hussain, Ali, I said, over and over again that  :

''Proud Pakistan - as a ship, has over 7 Large  Holes in its Hull. The ship is far from port and taking in freezing water. The engines are rusty, and sputtering, and its running out of fuel.''

I added : ''Best get reading and knowledgeable, as NO COUNTRY in the world, can survive just vulnerabilities. Your very future is threatened.''

It was the Students of Proud Pakistan, who got O''Captain elected to the helm of affairs, to steer the country on Fire and Fury basis.''

The World Students Society stops, and  rises to pay respects with a standing ovation to the O''Captain Imran Khan and the heroic founders of The World Students Society - for every subject in the world.

FEW IN THE WORLD RECKONED, that reading is one unending beautiful romance. Studies by the University of California at Berkeley show that -

That the earlier the children are exposed to books, especially the ones whose parents read to them as toddlers, the higher their scores on intelligence tests later in life.

Children learn more vocabulary from books than they ever will from prime-time television.

Pictures in books open up a world of knowledge, pique curiosity, send the mind reeling in different directions, start conversations that dig deep into their thought processes, identify their place and role in life. 

So why does it take so so long to start reading to the children in the 'developing world'?

As a teacher, I have met hundreds of parents who often complained that their child just doesn't like to read and cannot get through a book cover to cover.

I often asked these parents, out of curiosity, when they had first exposed their child to books and it turned out that it was well after the child had started formal schooling.

The child's association with books then is an entirely different one; these are children who associate books with academic pressure and hard work, whereas those who grew up with parents who read stories to them since birth associate books with parental bonding, sharing experiences and family memories.

These are children who derive pure joy from reading, and it is embedded deep within them.

Research allow that children who are used to reading as a pastime are less likely to suffer from loneliness and depression - much less than those who have not developed the reading habit.

Reading helps adolescents relax, it helps develop a sense of self-worth, it inculcates empathy for others, it boosts brain power, it reduces the probability of diseases such as Alzheimer's later in life, it teaches empathy and generosity, it provides multiple perspectives on life and so forth.

The benefits are endless - perhaps much more than the benefits of eating broccoli or mangoes.

So why do parents shelve this aspect of child-rearing until much later? Some leave it to teachers all together although reading is such a necessary part of a parent child bond.

A study by the Scholastic Education Research Foundation found that, when it comes to being read to aloud at home, over 80 percent of children between the ages four and 10 said they loved it and it is their favourite part of the day because it is a special time with the parents.

Many children get the impetus to read from an adult who shows in hearing about the stories. It is not just reading that children love but recapping the story.

A love of reading cannot be inculcated as an isolated activity. If parents show interest in what the child thinks about the story and listen to their perspective, children gain the analytical ability and confidence to relay their opinions.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and teachers of the world.

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