Headline July 10, 2019/ '' 'HK! -MAINLAND- OK?' ''

'' 'HK! -MAINLAND- OK?' ''


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TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE, many wearing black shirts and some carrying British colonial-era flags, marched in Hong Kong on Sunday, targeting a mainland Chinese audience as a month old protest movement showed no signs of abating.

Chanting ''Free Hong Kong'' and words of encouragement to their fellow citizens, wave after wave of demonstrators streamed by a shopping district popular with mainland visitors on a march to high-speed railway station that connects the semi-autonomous Chinese territory to Guangdong and other mainland cities.

Hong Kong has been riven by huge marches and sometimes disruptive protests for the past months, sparked by proposed changes to extradition laws that would have allowed suspects to be sent to the mainland to face trial.

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam suspended the bill and apologised for how it was handled, but protesters want it to be formally withdrawn and for Lam to resign.

Organisers said 230,000 people marched on Sunday, while police estimated the cowed at 56,000.

''We want to show our peaceful, graceful protest to the mainland visitors because the information is rather blocked in mainland,'' march organiser Ventus Lau said.

''We want to show them the true image and the message of Hong Kongers,'' Chinese media have not covered the protests widely, focusing on clashes with police and damage to public property.

As the crowed broke up Sunday night, a few hundred remained and taunted police who had retreated behind the huge barrier set up outside the railway station, while others moved to Canton Road, a street lined with luxury boutique stores.

The march was the first major action since two simultaneous protests last Monday, the 22nd anniversary of July 1, return of Hong Kong from Britain to China.

One of those protests, a massive march through central Hong Kong drew hundreds of thousands of people.

It was overshadowed, however, by an assault on the legislature building by a few hundred demonstrators, who shattered thick glass walls to get in and then -

And then wreaked havoc for three hours, spray painting slogans on the walls, overturning furniture and damaging electronic voting and fire prevention system.

Sunday's march was the first protest against the extradition legislation on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong harbour. The previous ones were on Hong Kong Island, the city's business and government centre.

Many of the marchers were young, students, wearing black shirts that have become the uniform of the protesters.

The largely peaceful crowd also included older people carrying hand-held fans in the muggy heat, as well as parents with children, including some in baby strollers.

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