Headline July 08, 2019/ '' 'WATER -LIFE- DEATH' ''

'' 'WATER - LIFE - DEATH' ''

BY 2025, PROUD PAKISTAN, WATER supply will deplete to a trickle And nobody knows that  better than, O''Captain  Imran Khan.

BY 2025, GRAND  INDIA, will be right up to its eye balls in dire water needs. And nobody knows that better than Prime Minister Narendra Modi

ONCE UPON A TIME, INDUS RIVER was a mighty river, but now it's no more than a depleted trickle rivulet. 7250 glaciers were melting to provide life, sustainable living and some relief and happiness and hope to the region.

Lack of wise leaders, regional tensions, governance and management failed the people of the entire region.

The hopeless rise in population and climate change were both badly affecting the availability of water to the region and these issues must now get very high priority and must be positioned for sustainable solutions.

Or, God forbid, the region will be up in flames. 

The only, and the very best option for both countries, is to get their heads together, make sacrifices for each other, and manage the problem as it unfolds in ever, growing proportions.

For the present, and a foreseeable future only one reasonable option exists for the region : rational allocation of water available for agriculture, industry and services for mere survival

IN THE GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE, a separate study was also published on Wednesday last, that found Greenland's ice sheet may have completely melted within the the next millennium if  greenhouse gas emissions continue at their current rate.

The Greenland ice-sheet holds the equivalent of seven meters [yards] of sea level.

''IF we continue as usual, Greenland will melt,'' said lead author Andy Ascwanden, a research associate professor at the University of Alaska Fairbanks' Geophysical Institute.

It's the most recent warning about warning in the world's coldest regions.

''What we are doing right now in terms of emissions, in the very near future, will have a big long-term impact on the Greenland ice sheet, and by extension, if it melts, to sea level and human society,'' Aschwanden said.

The study, which used data from NASA's Operation IceBridge airborne campaign and was published in Science Advances, is the latest to suggest a much greater rate of melt than was estimated by older models.

The model relies on more more accurate representation of the flow of ''outlet glaciers,'' river like bodies of ice that connect to the ocean.

''Outlet glaciers play a key role in how ice sheet melts, but previous models lacked the data to adequately represent their complex flow patterns,'' NASA said in a statement about the study.

''The study found that melting outlet glaciers could account for about 40 percent of the ice mass lost from Greenland in the next 200 years.''

As ocean waters have warmed over the past two decades, they have melted the floating ice that once shielded the outlet glaciers.

As a result, ''the outlet glaciers flow faster, melt and get thinner, with the lowering surface of the ice sheet exposing new ice to warm air and malting as well.''

In the next 200 years, the ice sheet model shows that melting at the present rate could contribute 48 to 160 centimeters [19 to 63 inches] to global sea level rise, 80 percent higher than previous estimates.

In October, the UN's Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change [IPCC] reported that avoiding global climate chaos will require a major transformation of society and the world economy that is ''unprecedented in scale,'' and warned that time is running out to avert disaster.

With respectful dedication to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and O''Captain, Prime Minister Imran Khan, and then the leaders of the entire World and Students, Professors and Teachers.

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