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"'We know that this will take time and it just won't be easy, but  together we will be able to set sail and make Lark mission a great reality.

At the highest conceptual level, every single country of the world will be a Founding Member,    every student a subscriber, and every great organisation and company, desirous of helping with Education and Students, a partner.

All Policies, Plans and Limits to be debated and set by the elected members of The World Students Society, approved by the International Committee and the Founders.

For the present, though, doubts among Facebook's partners add to a growing list of challenges for  Libra, a new digital token that Facebook executives hope will one day become the foundation of a new kind of online financial industry.

Companies hesitate to associate themselves too closely with the Libra project because of Facebook's  issues with regulators around the world the company's - shaky track record on privacy and treatment of corporate partners and the uncertain legality of cryptocurrencies.

Though it was announced just a week ago, the Libra effort has already drawn scrutiny in Washington. Maxine Waters, the chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee and a Democrat from California, quickly scheduled hearings to examine Libra and told Facebook to stop development of the project until big questions are answered.

The House hearing is set for July 17. The Senate is expected to hold a hearing on the same issue the day before.

Jerome H. Powell, chairman of the Federal Reserve, said on Tuesday that the central bank would be looking at Libra ''very carefully'', given its potential scale.

I think that our expectations from a consumer protection standpoint, from a regulatory standpoint, are going to be very, very high,'' Mr. Powell said at an event at the Council on Foreign relations in New York.

European regulators have also asked for more details about the project.

Facebook said the 27 partners that it had announced last week were giving at least $10 million and  joining an association that would govern the Libra cryptocurrency, which is set to be introduced next year.

But no money has changed hands so far.

A number of partners said they would decide whether to join the association and make the payment after there is more clarity on how Libra would work, the executives from the seven companies said.

A Facebook spokeswoman, Elka Looks, said in a statement that the company plans ''to engage a healthy dialogue and debate with our fellow founding members, and to welcoming additional members over the coming months.''

''We know this will take time and it won't be easy, but together we will be able to make the Libra mission a reality,'' Ms. Looks said.

A spokesman for the Libra Association, Dante Disparte said that since the announcement, the association has heard from many companies interested in being members.

He said the association, which will manage Libra, will most likely have a waiting list for those wanting to be among the 100 initial members it hopes to start with next  year.

Facebook had hoped its partners could help handle some of the critics and give the project some distance from social networking giant and its recent legal problems.

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