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WITH ALMIGHTY GOD'S BLESSINGS : Just around 2021 and tiny beyond, LARKS will make a  huge splash on both the page and the screen and the universe.

FROM Super America, The World Students Society will have the greatest of honors to look for assistance and help and involvement from :

Google, and from The Honorable Eric Schmidt, Technologist Amin Malik/Chicago, Technologist    Ehmar Bari Khan/iPhone, and Founder Technologist Shahzaib  Khan

The World Students Society must accomplish the honor of being the very first in laying down the  foundation of a new kind of online financial industry.

Greatness and guidance must also be sought from this rising star, great global financial genius,  Chartered Accountant, MBA, Trinity, and Head of the Capital Markets, Imran Khan

We must stop and figure ways of overtaking Facebook's LIBRA. To our immense advantage Partners in Facebook's cryptocurrency are also turning great skeptics.

One of the biggest selling points in Facebook's ambitious plans for the new cryptocurrency, LIBRA,  was that the social media company had 27 partners, including prominent outfits like Visa, Mastercard, and Uber, helping out on the project.

But some of those partners are approaching Libra warily.

They signed nonbinding agreements to join the effort partly because they knew they weren't obliged to use or promote the digital tokens and could back out if they didn't like where it was going, said  executives at seven of the companies, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of negotiations.

The doubts among Facebook's partners add to a growing list of challenges for Libra, a new digital token that Facebook executives hope will one day become the foundation for a new kind of online financial industry.

In the Developing World, or in the hopelessly underdeveloped world, say Africa :

''The entire continent of Africa skipped right over cards and went straight into mobile payments,'' said Sanjay Sakhrani an industry analyst with Keefe, Bryyette & Woods, who covers Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and Western Union.

But these payment systems are often constrained by the type of cellphone carrier each person is using. It's not uncommon in places like Africa to carry multiple cellphones in order to have the necessary access to the right money transfer system.

Larks or Libra could solve this problem by creating a universal currency that can be transferred across multiple cell phone networks and across borders.

There's also the issue of cost, which is cited by the World Bank as being the biggest issue with financial systems outside of developed markets. Facebook says that Libra would have a near-zero  cost attached to it.

The Colombian border city of Cucuta, is one of the places where Libra could make a difference.

Every day, thousands of  needy Venezuelans cross into this sweltering town to buy food and medicines that are scarce at home.

For many the first stop is Western Union, where they line up for hours to pick up cash sent by relatives living in abroad.

The demand for cash remittances is so big in fact that migrants sometimes lineup outside Western Union's the night before the branches open., sleeping on the sidewalk to keep their places in the queue.

Digital currencies could  make it easier to transfer funds to these migrants with no bank accounts, and save them hours of their time. Using them is also safer, says Typson sanchez, a local software developer, because it prevents robberies.

But despite its obvious benefits, merchants in Cucuta have been slow to adopt digital currencies, and only a handful currently accept it.

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Students, Needs, and Digital Currencies, continues.

With respectful dedication to Google, The Honorable Eric Schmidt, Technologist Amin Malik,  Technologist Ehmar Bari Khan, International Finance and Capital Markets Specialist, Imran Khan  and Founder Shahzaib Khan, and then the world : Students, Professors and Teachers.

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''' Larks & Light '''

Good Night and God Bless

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