BOSTON : A record crowd gathered in Boston two weeks ago for the annual LiveWorx event that brought together more than 6,400 of the industry's greatest minds from more than 40 countries-

[With approximately 7,000 more live-streaming the event] with content spanning disruptive  technologies including AR, HoT, industry 4.0 and more.

The event brought together more than 6,400 of the industry's greatest minds from more than 40 countries [with approximate 7,000 more live-streaming the event] for four days of -

Of interactive workshops, facilitated  industry networking, cutting edge demos featuring the latest enterprise technology innovations, and more.

It spanned disruptive technologies and topics including augmented reality [AR] and virtual reality [VR], the Industrial Internet of Things [IOT], Industry 4,0 digital engineering, artificial intelligence [AI], and robotics.

As presenting sponsor, PTC opened the event with a keynote from President and CEO Jim Heppelmann, who declared, ''There is a growing awareness that disruptive innovation happens at the  intersection of multiple advanced technologies, such as IOT, AR, AL and Digital Twin.

Protected by these complementary technologies, companies now have the tools they need to completely transform the way they generate value through improved efficiency and productivity across products, processes and people.

Companies from across the industrial spectrum presented and demonstrated the unique ways various technologies are helping them to undergo digital transformations.

Attendees heard   from a wide variety of organization, including Johnson & Johnson, Southwest Airlines, Stanley Black & Decker. Whirlpool, Vodafone. and more about how HoT. AR, and other integrated solutions are helping them achieve significant business value.

A panel featuring Aggrekko, Fijitsu, Global Foundries and Howden pointed out ''top tips'' for bringing digital technology such as AR to the enterprise. [AP]


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