Headline June 26, 2019/ '' ' PURVEYORS MUSIC PLATFORMS ' ''



IN The most difficult of times, Pretty Dee, as I lovingly call her, distinguished herself, with her incisive intelligence, bravery, devoution, and supreme sacrifices

Right at the outset, from the word GO:
Founder Dee, was always available. Always there by my side. Always accompanying me. Labouring late into the night, learning the craft, day in and day out.

''THINK BIG, think big,'' I would keep urging her, relentlessly. ''Serving humanity, and your very own country, is a great reward in itself.'' But Pretty Dee, never sought any rewards.

Dee, was convinced, that it was time to take the world forward, and for sure, succeed, in building a great one. Of the hundreds of students I met at Dee's university, Bahria, none equaled the sole of her shoes.

Dee took to reasoning, analyzing, executing, and never giving up. And then asking for more responsibility, more weight to pull.

On her great shoulders, stood all the Founders. Pretty Dee, was many daughters, folding into and depicting just one.

It was so ordained, that I became the most respected, and the most loved and the most cared for person in her life.

''God bless you all, Dee! :
Merium, Rabo, Hallema, Zilli, Juniper, Dantini, Armeen, Lakshmi, Zainab, Aqsa, Sherbano, Nina, Seher Khan, Sameen, Areesha-

Hussain, Shahzaib, Ali, Jordan, Bilal, Reza, Ghazi, Toby, Zaeem, Danyial, Anique, Haider, Hazeem, Awais, Umair, Faraz, Umer, Vishnu. Wajahat, and-

And Little Angels : Maynah, Maria, Harem, Ibrahim, Hannyia and Merium, and all the students of the world:
''May Almighty God, in his infinite mercy and wisdom, guide you all. And May your present steps into the future, be better than the past.''

And while, Dee, could value and compose news better than all of us, little did the Founders know that Dee and Saima and Ali, were devoted Music Nerds.

Just yesterday, Dee, informed me of some very beautiful lyrics. We all loved it. I hope you all enjoy it : LINKIN PARK : *Roads untraveled*.

Dee and Saima and Ali, should also consider taking up the responsibility of playing great audios and music on The World Students Society's home page,  as often as they possibly can.

Founder Ali Ezzaz, can you follow this?

Great challenges, great work, lies just ahead. Best get the World Students Society's music going.

And when Zilli, heard the lyrics, Dee sent over, she got wondering as to how does New York Times journalists who cover Music Industry, use technology in their jobs and in their personal lives.

Reporter Ben Sisario, who geniuses the Music Industry, discussed the tech he's using.

1. WHAT are your most important tech tools for doing your reporting?

Probably 75 percent of my reporting is done by phone and email, and when I am writing I print out drafts and notes. So that part of it is about as current as 1995. But I also use signal and ProtonMail  for sources who require secure communication.

I constantly scan social media - Twitter, mostly - for news, and in breaking news situations I  sometime find sources to quote there. But I am wary of letting social media itself tell the story.

You need to actually talk to people, check facts, find contrary viewpoints, weed out nonsense.

When it comes to organizing my work, I think Cloud Computing is the greatest thing since the  manila folder,

I have a 15-plus years of notes instantly searchable through Dropbox and Google Docs. It's amazing to type in five characters and find that phone number from an obit you wrote a decade ago.

And there are sites like WhoSampled and Discogs, incredible repositories of information that are deeply addictive for music nerds like me.

My time there often starts with legitimate search - say, checking the original writing credit to an old single - but then an hour later I've spent $50 on vinyl and reminded myself of the slide whistle samples on ''Groove Is in the Heart''.

2.  What does your music setup look like, and how has it evolved over time?

I try to keep an eye on all the major platforms out there, which means regularly poking around on about a dozen apps.

My go-to sources are Spotify, SoundCloud, Bandcamp and Maxicloud, which has excellent style D.J. style mixes and to me feels more human the most.

At home, I have a Sonos Play : 5 speaker, which plays streaming music and podcasts, and is a piece of cake to use.

I also have Google Chromecast Audio, a little plug-in-device [now discontinued] that allows me to send high-fidelty  streams to my stereo.
It sounds better that way, but it's nearly as easy to use as the Sonos.

To be honest, my preferred way to listen to music is on CD, as unfashionable as that might be. You push a button, the music plays, and then it's over - no ads, no privacy terrors, no algorithms!

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Tech We're Using, continues. The World Students Society thanks author Ben Sisario.

With respectful dedication to the entire world, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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Good Night and God Bless

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