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Tough Call, but just one more mountain to climb, as we face up. Many thanks to, Zilli, for this  fantastic research..

Singapore's ''fake news'' law threatens free speech. But remember that The Singapore law is hardly the first speech-related restriction that raises privacy concerns.

True, the law makes clear that courts are to consider things like cost and technical capacity in deciding whether a website's failure to comply is excused. But it is not clear these factors will be evaluated.

Or how much will be ordered and quietly complied without the issue ever reaching a court.

The scope is also broad : Any service that allows users to see third-party material online is also subject to the law - think newspaper comment sections, Yelp or Expedia, or any site that allows  third-party comment or reviews that in any way touch on things affected by governmental policy. 

Even if the government never demands these lists in the end, the looming threat of it will almost certainly make people cautious.

It is what the Washington University law professor Neil Richards has aptly labelled ''Intellectual Surveillance,'' - a form of thought and behavioral control

Studies document the ways in which just the threat of surveillance chills communication and the search for information online.

And imagine what the government could do with that information if it in fact did demand it. It is not far-fetched to think that government could, or would, define individuals as threats or potentials based on what they viewed or wrote.

To be sure, the This kind of information in the hands of the government could have widespread effects on the ability to get jobs, financing or travel documents - a China like social credit scoring system based on online activities.

To be sure, the Singapore law has just been passed and we have yet to see it in action.

There still is hope that it is enforced in a somewhat sensible way, that ministers never require companies to send correction notices to prior viewers of allegedly false statements, that orders are never directed at closed and encrypted services, that ''false'' is defined judiciously and narrowly, and that no government official ever demands a list of who looked at what.

But there is no guarantee that these powers will be employed responsibly. And there is a risk of  legislation modeled on Singapore's being instituted elsewhere.

The Singapore law is hardly the first speech-related restriction that raises privacy concerns.

Around the world, courts are increasingly ordering the removal of particular posts or articles deemed hate speech, along with any other posts found to be similar to the original offending post.

Such a determination as to what is sufficiently similar require nuanced analyses that are exceedingly difficult - after all, what is line between falsehood and parody? These determinations require evaluation of context, and additional intrusions into privacy, to assess.

In a world in which even Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is now calling for increased governmental regulation of content online, the privacy consequences of the push to monitor speech cannot be ignored.

Laws like Singapore set a deeply troubling precedent.

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