Headline June 17, 2019/ '' 'WHISPER *OVATION* WHINERS' ''



The great students of the entire world, - since over a year and a half, the strategy of The World Students Society, [for every subject in the world], has been to relax ''all students'' of the entire universe.

China, Hong Kong, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, the whole African Rim, South And Latin America  Malaysia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Nepal, Myanmar, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Cambodia, Afghanistan, UAE, Iran, Qatar, ''have fallen asleep'', please-

PLEASE, do consider accepting the ''compliments'' of The World Students Society :

Merium, Rabo, Haleema, Saima, Dee, Sarah, Lakshmi, Zilli, Juniper, Dantini, Shahbano, Nina, Lawyer Zainab Khan/ Kings College, Aqsa, Seher Khan/Kings College, Armeen/LUMS, and Little Angels, Maynah, Maria, Harem, Hannyia, Merium-

AND Hussain, Shahzaib, Jordan, Zaeem, Ali, Reza/Canada, Ghazi, Salar, Bilal, Haider, Faraz, Awais Khattak, Imran Shahani/Balochistan, Hazeem, Umair Nasir, Danyial/UK, Hamza/UK,  Anique/Spain.........

''JOIN IN, and rise, to give you all a standing ovation''

The most rigorous studies use MRI to map the activity of blood flow in the brain as participants  report feeling the tingles. Outcomes have suggested that, in very small samples, that ASMR might have something to do with socially bonding ''affillative  behavior,'' known to release feel good hormones like oxytocin.

Richard, for his part, considers these outcomes from an  evolutionary-biology perspective. He believes that the tingles of ASMR  are meant to assist in reproduction and survival, and points out that triggers like grooming, whispering, and eye gazing all bear strong resemblance to the ways that human soothe infants.

In adulthood, a range of similar behaviors  contribute to intimacy between mates, But if ASMR  plays [or played] a key survival role, why does it seem that only some people can feel it? Why should it come to our attention only now?

Around the time ''Whisper 1 - hello!'' was picking up speed in Allen's Facebook group, Gibi - today one of YouTube's ''ASMRtists'' was a sophomore in high school. [I've withheld her last name for below explained reasons.]

Like many teenagers she had trouble falling asleep. Sometimes she would sneak her phone into her room and watch YouTube videos to relax her mind. Makeup tutorials segued to massage, which soon gave way to ASMR.

Since then, Gibi has watched ASMR videos every night. The ritual followed her off to college, where the videos became a kind of white noise while she studied. ASMR was, by that point, not just for those who experienced the tingles.

The genre had begun to find broader appeals as a sleep aid, an alternative to guided meditation and a drugfree, online version of Xanax.'' It had developed its own microstars, women with handles like Gentle Whispering ASMR and ASMRrequests, who filmed themselves crinkling paper, tapping their nails on large wooden bowls, dealing cards, brushing hair and pouring cold milk into bowls of Cocoa Krispies.

One of Gibi's favorites, Heather Feather ASMR, went beyond mere sound of effects, performing  full-scale role-play scenes infused with attentive, deliberate sound. In one Heather administered a color blindness test, tapping her wand on a laminated chart.

Watching Heather's video made Gibi feel as if her ''brain was swimming in a good way.'' She played the same scenes over on repeat, returning to parts that gave her the tingles.

At that point, in June 2016, Gibi thought that maybe, with regular effort, she could produce a quality channel with regular schedule that out new, creative triggers basis.

And so in the summer before her senior year, she started her own channel, GIBI ASMR. Six months after graduation, she was earning enough in ad revenue to treat it as her full-time job. Today she has about 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube.

I first met Gibi in Los Angeles at Daiso, a Japanese discount store. Our plan was to shop for some tingly props - any little odd or end that might yield good, recordable sound. Gibi was in town for a public appearance.

That day, a video from her account was trending globally on YouTube, a role-play called ''The ASMR Sleep Clinic - Tingle experiment.'' Gibi's main goal is to relax her fans.

''If you fall asleep during my video, that's a compliment,'' she said. Some of the most-requested content is the sound of fingers tapping on a bread-shaped piece of cork, fans request the ''toaster coaster'' by name - the closest thing has to ''Free Bird.''

That day, she was searching for similar objects, made of soft, dull wood or thick glass. In the store, Gibi made a beeline toward a rack of piggy banks.
The Honor and serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Whisper Network, Internet, and Students, continues.

With respectful dedication to the Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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