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Maria, a.k.a. the Gentle Whisperer, produces YouTube videos that induce autonomous sensory meridian response
 (ASMR), a tingling sensation, in some viewers. (Andre Chung/for The Washington Post)

WHEN JENNIFER ALLEN watched videos of space, she sometimes felt this peculiar sensation : a tingling that spread through her scalp as the camera pulled back to show the marble of the earth.

It came in a wave, like a warm effervescence, making its way down the length of her spine and leaving behind a sense of gratitude and wholeness.

Allen loved the feeling, but she didn't know what caused it.

It was totally distinct from what from anything she'd experienced before. Every two years or so she'd take to Google. She's try searching things like ''tingling head and spine'' or ''brain orgasm.'' For nine years, the search didn't turn up anything.

Then, around 2009, it did. as always, Allen typed her phrases into the google, but this time she got a result on a message board called SteadyHealth. The post was titled WEIRD SENSATION FEELS GOOD.

''I get this sensation sometimes, theres no real trigger for it, it just happens randomly, its been happening since i was a kind and i am 21 now. some examples of what it seems has caused it to happen before are as a child while watching a puppet show and when i was being read a story to. as a teenager when a classmate did me a favor and when a friend drew on the palm of my hand with markers. sometimes it happens for no reason at all.''

In the discussion, many described a similar feeling - a ''silvery sparkle'' inside the head, a euphoric ''brain-gasm'' or a feeling like goose bumps on the scalp that faded ''in and out in and out in waves of  heightened intensity.''

Many people agreed that the sensation was euphoric. Its triggers where as varied as watching someone fill out a form., listening to whispering sounds or seeing Bob Ross paint landscapes on TV.

Allen scrolled through pages and pages of discussion.

Oh my gosh, she remembers thinking These people are talking about exactly what I experience.
In time, that post begot a second post.

As a discourse on the unnamed feeling evolved, users shared accidental triggers found online - a man unlocking a damaged padlock, someone brushing her hair. These videos had a gentleness in common that many of the users found hard to describe.

Some spoke of the need for a research group to better understand the sensation. Still others expressed fear over social repercussions : were they perverts? were they sick?

''People had been told they were on drugs or that they had lice - things like that,'' Allen says. ''And then there was the factor of people calling a ''brain orgasm'' and sounding like some sort of erotic fetish kind of a thing.''

Allen had invested a lot in in the discussion, even expressing interest in the fledgling research effort. She saw how the feeling had improved her sense of calm, but she worried that the subtext of a  ''tingling sensation'' would hold the group back from legitimacy.

If they wanted to generate scientific interest, they needed a more scientific-sounding name. And so in February 2010, she made one up: Autonomous Sensory Median Response or ASMR. She started with ''autonomous'' because it was a feeling from within; ''sensory'' was self explanatory.

''Meridian'' worked triple duty, suggesting peak but also orgasm and the energy  pathways of traditional Chinese medicine. ''Response'' was just to say that it was not a constant state, it happened in reaction to a set of stimuli, like gum chewing and tapping.

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