Headline June 12, 2019/ '' 'GOOGLE'S PRIVACY GOSSAMER' ''


GOOGLE'S SUNDAR PICHAI : ''For everyone'' is a core philosophy for Google; it's built into our mission to create products that are universally accessible and useful.

That's why Search works the same for everyone, whether you're a professor at Harvard or a student in rural in Indonesia.

And it's why we care just as much about the experience on low-cost phones in countries starting to come online as we do about the experience on high-end phones.

Our mission compels us to take the same approach to privacy. For us that means privacy  cannot be luxury good offered only to people who can afford to buy premium products and services.

*Privacy must be equally available to everyone in the world*. 

Even in cases where we offer to a paid product like YouTube Premium, which includes an ads-free experience, the regular version of You Tube has plenty of privacy controls built in.

For example, we recently brought incognito mode, the popular feature in Chrome that lets browse the web without linking any activity to you, to YouTube.

You can view YouTube as a logged-in user or in Incognito mode.

TO MAKE PRIVACY REA, we give you clear, meaningful choices around your data. All while staying true to two-equivocal policies:

That Google will never sell any personal information to third parties; and that you get to decide how your information is used. Here's how it works:

First data, makes the products, and services you use more helpful to you. It's what enables the  Google Assistant to book a rental car for your trip. Maps to tell you how to navigate home and Photos to share vacation pictures with the click of a button.

Second, products use anonymous data in aggregate to be more helpful to everyone, traffic data in Google Maps reduces gridlock by offering people alternate routes.

Queries in Google Translate make translations more accurate for billions of people. Anonymized searches over time help Search understand your questions, even if you misspell them.

Third, a small subset of data helps serve ads that are relevant and that provide the revenue that keeps Google products free and accessible.

That revenue also sustains a broad community of content creators, which in turn helps keep content on the web free for everyone. The data used in ads could be based on, for example, something you searched for or an online store you browsed in the past.

It does not include the personal data in apps such as Docs or Gmail. Still, if receiving a customized ads experience isn't helpful, you can turn it off. The choice is yours and we try to make it simple.

Eight years ago, we introduced an easy way to export all your data from Google services - and even take it elsewhere.

A few years later, we created the Google Account page as a place to review and adjust all of your privacy controls.

Nearly 20 million people now visit it every day.

But we know our work here is never done., and we want to do more to stay to stay ahead of user expectations.

Last week, we announced significant new privacy features, including one click access to privacy settings from all our major products and auto-delete controls that allow you to choose how long you want to data to be saved.

And to protect your data from security threats, we just introduced a security key built into Android phones that can provide two-factor authentication.

We're also working hard to challenge the assumption that products need more data to be more helpful.

Data minimization is an important privacy principle for us, and we're encouraged to by advances developed by Google A.I. researchers called ''federated learning''.

It allows Google's products to work better for everyone without collecting raw data from your device. Federated learning is how Google Keyboard can recognize and suggest new words like ''YOLO" and ''BTS'' after thousands of people begin typing them -

Without Google ever seeing anything you type.

In the future, A.I. will provide even more ways to make products more helpful with less data.

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