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PRIME MINISTER CHOU EN LAI - was by any reckoning one of the greatest statesmen, this mighty oppressive universe has ever produced.

He stood towering in the same class as President Thomas Jefferson, US, Sir Winston Churchill, UK,  President Charles De Gaulle, France, President Sukarno/Indonesia, King Faisal/Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Pakistan, Mahtama Ghandh, India.

And there I was, in an admirable twist of destiny, resplendent in my Convent School uniform, having my school blazer-badge inspected and admired by this great Prime Minister of China.

My elder brother, a Gallian from Lawrence College, stood to my left and my beaming father, dressed in a beige brown - three-piece suit, with Jinnah Cap, stood just behind.

The Prime Minister straightened-up in his unique, golden painted chair, and asked, ''Is your mother educated?''
''No, Sir,'' I said. ''But Mom, can read The Holy Quran''.

The Great Man, looked up and into the void, just above my head.

All my distinguished sisters, 4 in all, highly articulate, and talented, brimming with nervous energy, were natural formidable leaders; any single one of them could have changed the destiny of this land, never could gain consent, for higher learning.

This great, red blooded feudal lady, my great mother, Lady Ashrafat Jan, was just not pleased when I played out the conversation to her later.

''And why would His Excellency ask this question of you?'' she glistened. ''Well, Mom,'' I said, ''best you leave for China and go and ask him?''
Mom gave me a look, that she normally reserved for 'idiots of my class and leaning.''

But back at the Convent, Mother Anne, the principal, was most pleased:
''You certainly gave a good account of yourself,'' said Mother Anne, as she ruffled my hair with pure fondness and delight.

Proud Pakistan, like the millions by millions in the developing world, lost some of its greatest natural leaders, by losing their greatest of daughters to lack of education and early marriages..

Merium, Rabo, Haleema, Dee, Saima, Sarah, Zainab, Seher, Zilli, Juniper, Aqsa, Shazia, Aminah, Fatimah, Ayesha, Nina, Sherbano, Safia, Uzma, Dantini, Lakshmi, Farzana -

Irum, Emaan, Armeen, and Little Angels, Maria, Maynah, Hannyia, Harem, Merium, join me, in giving the ''destiny's lost daughters'', a standing ovation.

WHEN PETE WORDEN WAS passed the microphone at the Breakthrough Starshot announcement, he emphasized that at-

At the heart of the new space exploration initiative is one very, very real sentiment : This is very cool.

Worden, the former director of NASA's Ames Research Center and currently executive director of  Breakthrough Initiatives, also mentioned another cool fact as he explained why the nanocraft project meant that Tuesday was ''the day the space explorers have dreamed about.

''While it may take years before the nanocrafts are actually able to reach Alpha Centauri, you can can start searching for signals from extraterrestrials from your laptop today.

One of that many initiatives that makeup Starshot is the effort to look for another civilizations who are doing we're doing - beaming lasers into space.

The data that is found will be released to the public, both on the Breakthrough Initiatives website and at SETI@home - part of the SETI research center at the University of California, Berkeley

While Breakthrough Initiative continues to develop its own software to search for extraterrestrial  life - which it plans on offering to the public as an open source - it has joined forces with SETI@home, which already consists of a platform of 9 million computers around Earth.

These computers - which could include your laptop  -are considered to form ''one of the world's biggest supercomputers''.

''The first thing that your computer does when it wakes up is connect to our computers at Berkeley,'' Andrew Siemion, Director of the Berkeley SETI Research Center tells Inverse.

''It requests a little piece of data and we call that a work unit. It's basically just a little bit of raw data  that we recorded from a large telescope.

Then the computer begins to download little pieces of data, while it searches for signals from extraterrestrial intelligence.

Through a screensaver and visual application popup, you can see a display of the different signals  that the computer is looking for.

''It looks for pulsing signals, it looks for narrow signals, and it does all kind of transformations on the data to do the research,'' Siemion explains.

''And then it sends the results of that computation back to our computers at Berkeley where we record them in a giant database, alongwith the results of hundreds of thousands of other people, for different parts of the sky and for different parts of the dial.

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