''AT EVERY [yellow vest] demonstration, commentators highlight the lack of education of the masses, the insufficiency of explanation of the historical movement supposed to lead each one to conquer his autonomy and bring prosperity to all.

So there is a problem of pedagogy - [the elite having perhaps robbed the masses of their sense of history].

Populism is said to comprise three typical characteristics : its supporters refuse to accept reality, they believe in conspiracy theories and false promises [this leaving space to demagogy] and in ''false hierarchies, [amounting to] a refusal to recognise the skills of experts, professionals and intellectuals.''

They are prey to selfish, narcissistic, passions [fear of the foreigner, obsession with ethnic purity], ''Finally, they cultivate ''an attachment to outdated values'', refusing ''modernity, progress, Europe, cultural openness, etc,'' and would be destined to rubbish bins of history.''

Such a reading ignores an important dimension : 

''France from below'' nurtures even more a feeling of hostility towards the political, economic and media elites which, in its opinion, are one and the same and which aim at perpetuating their position at the top of society's institutions.

It is convinced of the existence of ''cosmopolitan and oligarchic class'' anxious to maintain its ''financial power'' and its ''moral hegemony.''

Moreover, the movement of yellow vests  reflects ''a struggle of the periphery'' [rural France and small towns] against the bobos [bourgeois bohemian or Bohemian bourgeoisie, or very loosely translatable as 'Champagne socialists' of the city centres of those who are less and less able to benefit from social mobility [especially through schooling''].

They ''rebel against the opportunities enjoyed by the few'' who jump from a foreign university into a new job and who dare to consider themselves tacitly as ''superior minds''.

The honor and serving of the latest operational research on Yellow Vests Movement, continues to part 4. The World Students Society thanks author and researcher Dr. Nathalene Reynolds.


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