VIDEOGAME 'Days Gone' loses itself in the wilderness of bugs..........

'Days Gone' has perhaps the most technical flaws that I have seen in a major triple-A video game in recent years.

Yet I finished the entire campaign and relished the main story about a broken man surviving in a  fallen world.

I admire Sony for having the guts to stand by Bend Studio, which developed this single-player game over  seven years. I played it for maybe 50 hours spread out over a few weeks, which is why I'm quite possibly the last critic to review this game.

I've waited for a long time for this game and wanted to be patient with my play through.

It has good things and bad. It is buggy and that is a shame because it had so much potential to be the open world version of 'The Last Of Us', as some critics have said.

Bend Studio showed us the best part of 'Days Gone' at E3 in 2016 when they showed off the anti-hero , former biker gang member Deacon St. John, taking on and running away from a zombie, or Freaker, horde.

You can play this scene, where you're running away from hundreds of Freakers. It's a thrilling unforgiving battle. If you make a wrong, the horde will catch you or trap you, as the Freakers find  ways to come at you from different directions.

That's ''Days Gone'' at its best, but sadly we saw it so long ago and it doesn't offer anything that's much better

The critics have been harsh on Days Gone's technical problems. The load screens are often long.

But the bugs include slow frame rates on the PS4 Pro and  Ps4, audio sync problems where the lip movements don't match the spoken words, clipping pop-in images that fill out as you approach them, cars that float, Freakers that get stuck in a corner and many other things that take you out of the experience. [Courtesy venture Beat]


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