UAE starts ''tolerance teaching'' in Dubai schools. 

The educational regulatory authority of the government of Dubai, Knowledge and Human Development Authority [KHDA] has arranged an event for school teachers to learn and teach  ''tolerance'', according to the UAE official news agency WAM.

The purpose of the event 'What Works'' was to spread the message of tolerance especially in schools as a value and a sustainable approach to building societies that accept each other and renounce violence in all forms.

The current year has been named ''The Year Of Tolerance'' by the UAE authorities, in celebration of the country's efforts to promote acceptance and understanding as its core.

Celebrating the ''Year of Tolerance'' and bringing together teachers to learn more about  innovative teaching practices, Dubai's Knowledge and Human Development Authority, KHDA, hosted its latest  What Works event.

Director General of KHDA, Dr. Abdulla AI Karam said, ''Tolerance means different things to different people but at its heart, it means all people are able to live together in peace and harmony.''

Focusing about students tolerance, Dr. Abdulla further elaborated that every child in this world is born tolerant.

So, he advised not to focus on teaching tolerance to students instead of learning tolerance from the students.

''Let's focus on becoming more tolerant ourselves, on reminding ourselves that no matter how many years of experience we have, we can always do more to spread the virtues of tolerance, peace and harmony,'' he concluded.

Over 200 teachers attended the event ''What Works'' to share their experiences and learn from each other.

During the session, the teachers discussed the impact of moral education and Islamic studies for character building.

The World Students Society thanks author and researcher Sibte Arif.


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