PAKISTAN / GILGIT : Two French skiers on Saturday left the base camp of the 7,027 metre Spatnik  peak in Shigar valley to ski down its top.

They also plan to ski down Nanga Parbat this season. The expedition is organised by North Pakistan Adventure.

Before starting this adventure, Boris said that this was the second time that he had come to Gilgit-Baltistan for skiing.

He said last year they skied down 6,096 meter Laila Peak in Baltistan.

After Skiing down Spantik Peak we plan to ski-down the  Nanga Parbat, the French skier said.

Ms Stephanie said that it was the second-time that she had come to Pakistan.

She said that Gilgit Baltistan had a lot of potential in adventure tourism. An official of the expedition said the skiers would complete their adventure till June 15. [Dawn]


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