IN A WORLD marked by human misery, natural and man-made, there exists a perpetual phenomenon of human efforts for mitigation of effects and devastation of the bad.

Unnoticed by most, there is another phenomenon that appears to be doing its own heedless drama to encircle the world in a semi-darkness that if not controlled now will soon be that one invisible foe of humanity that everyone would be answerable for, and that everyone would a victim of darkness of the virtual.

ONCE upon a time it was the religion, global hegemony, pursuit of infinite money. Now it is mostly about political power. Political fights have become mostly virtual. They are grimy, they are ruthless. Loyalties shift faster than a chameleon changes colours.

There are no rules of engagement. The singular agenda is the comprehensive extermination of the other.

It is what appears on television, is published in newspapers, online and print, posted on social media platforms, and is noticeable in the callousness of the arguments and sneers of folks everywhere.

It is visible on global social platforms like Twitter and Facebook that while connecting the world brought into proximity not just those who already new one another but also formed bonds between perfect strangers from every corner of the earth.

Once that happened, the very rot started to spread. How did that happen, so quickly, and apparently and, so irreversibly.

It happened. Many who talk and act normally off social media apps, become so malicious to one another on virtual podia that inflicting an injury appears to be highlights of their day.

The virtual has so such dark power that what is released is the hidden side of apparently normal folks, and it is, invariably, their cruellest, their crudest side.

The honor and serving of the latest global operational research on Social Media Soils, continues.


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