Headline May 30, 2019/ '' 'CHINA'S CLIMBING CHUGHS' ''


To congratulate and pay respects to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on a great electoral win in Grand India..

The World Students Society prays for peace, prosperity and progress for the region, and for the entire humanity of the world.

Lest we forget, The World Students Society is a special ownership of  Leader Narendra Modi, just as  its the very special ownership of O''Captain Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Proud Pakistan..........

Just as it is the very ownership of every Great Leader in the World.

OVER THE LAST CENTURY TECHNOLOGY has evolved at breakneck speed and people everywhere have unprecedented access to the latest inventions.

There is also a growing trend of connected devices, towards a world where, as computer scientist  Mark Weiser described, ''technologies weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it.''

These developments have given rise to a form of technophobia unique to this century, and with many facets.

This fear of technology taking over jobs as artificial intelligence capabilities expand; the grave threat posed to democracy by fake news; the heightened surveillance powers of governments as identification regimes become highly digitised; and a multitude of other anxieties.

CHINA is adept at assembling foreign technologies into commercially successful products at home, it's ability to innovate remain deeply hampered.

Chin's tech ''Long March'' could be road to nowhere.

Different countries have excelled in different areas and focused on their core competencies to survive, leading to a complex and interconnected global supply chain.

''The US has a lot of dominance, but that there are other big players too, China simply can't be an island and recreate whole globalised technology ecosystem at home, Triolo said.

''To reduce dependence they will have to take a different paradigm from the rest of the world and that's tough. It's not something money is going to solve over the short term.''

Software Glitch:
Software is another glaring weak spot. As in the rest of the world, there is no viable alternative in China to Microsoft and Apple on perpetual computing systems - or to Google's Android or Apple's  iOS on mobile phones.

US companies also dominate the Chinese landscape for enterprise software.

The United States suspects Huawei has ties to China's military and fears the company's installation of telecom networks worldwide could put sensitive data at risk. Huawei denies the charges,

But Chinese software shortcomings leave Huawei vulnerable even on these global networks - the company relies heavily on US software to power them, Triolo said.

''A database has to be really robust and no company in China can do that database software,'' he said.

China could nonetheless be a formidable player in next-generation technologies like artificial intelligence, driverless cars and automated manufacturing.

Xi's government has singled out such futuristic technologies for state development - a programme partly responsible for triggering US pushback on tech.

''We believe China is in a commanding position to become a far more influential player in disruptive technologies globally,'' said Liew, a tech analyst with Fitch Solutions.

He adds that the US-China tech rivalry ''will contribute positively to the global technological landscape.'' 

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