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''BULLSHIT JOBS : A Theory'' : And Mr. Graeber constructs some elaborate theories as to why this problem has arisen.

He suggests that automation in recent decades did cause mass unemployment but that society conspired to create a bunch of illusory jobs to disguise the fact.

He also argues that while executives in the Reagan/Thatcher prided themselves on how many low-level workers they could lay off, they then hired lots of management flunkies to enhance their status.

*And he postulates that it's all part of a system of social control, in which young people are loaded up with debt and then pushed into meaningless jobs in order to pay it off, thereby keeping them docile*. 

SISYPHUS, KING OF CORINTH, was condemned for all eternity to push a boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll down again.

David Graeber, an anthropologist, thinks that many modern workers face the same fate today,  forced to perform pointless tasks, or ''bullshit jobs'', as his new book : ''Bullshit Jobs: A Theory'' calls them.

MR. GRAEBER DEFINES A BULLSHIT JOB as one : ''that is so pointless, unnecessary or pernicious that even the employee cannot justify its existence''-

Though they may have to pretend that they really do believe in it. This definition, and much of the book, combines two categories of roles,

In the first are jobs Mr, Graeber tends to think are socially worthless, such as corporate lawyers or investment bankers. [Some of those workers may take an equally dim view of the utility of anthropologists.]

In the second group are jobs where employees find themselves with little or nothing to do and, worse, must still look as if they are frantically busy.

What is his evidence? the author places a lot of faith in anecdotes and a couple of opinion surveys which found that only 37.40% of workers in Britain and the Netherlands felt they ''made a meaningful contribution to the world.''

He doesn't seem to allow for the possibility that modesty might govern their answers.

In any case, the contention that many of us are wasting much of our time at work is hardly a new one. C. Northcote Parkinson coined the idea  that ''work expands to fill the time available in an essay in The economist in 1955, adding that ''there need be little or no relationship between the work to be done and the size of the staff to which it maybe assigned.'' 

The futility of many middle-class jobs is also an old theme, being the plot driver of the 1970s British sitcom ''The Good Life''.

Not are feelings of boredom and pointless activity confined to the arena or work.

Anyone who has been a schoolchild can remember that being forced to write essays, or take steps, about subjects that seemed neither interesting nor likely to be of any use in later life.

Indeed, many teachers are probably as bored marking the school-work as pupil are producing it.

NEVERTHELESS, some workers will feel that Mr. Graeber's analysis is timely. Both meaningless job titles and mindless tasks seem to have proliferated.

A study by Gary Hamel and Michele Zainini, two management theorists, estimated that there are nearly 24 million corporate ''bureaucrats'' in America or about one for every 4.7 workers.

Reassigning them to more productive tasks, could give the American economy a $3 trillion boost, they reckon.

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