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''QUIET  PLEASE - QUIET PLEASE : Thank You!...............

'LEND Me Your Ears. We have come to bury leaders and not to praise them' '' The World Students Society stops to honor William Shakespeare and give him a standing ovation.

Where's the bouquet, Zilli? At this very moment, Over 59 percent of you, - the world over, have very little hope of finding a great job. Pick your computer, and go into a separate room to read. 

'These days, if you are not getting better, you are falling behind.' Best begin reading : ''The Laws of Human Nature'', an examination of human behaviour that draws on examples of historical figures by Robert Greene.

''Reading is a way to consume  people's experiences, to learn something timeless and then apply it to your life.

EVERY WORLD-CLASS STUDENT is questioning right now, how they can improve. So in a machine driven age where everything is driven by speed, perhaps the edge is judgment, time and perspective.

ONE GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT FOR The World Students Society would be to get students to ask themselves better and better questions and to reflect.

If you can do that, you will be better able to handle the speed and variety of a very fast changing environment.

Mark my words :
''The Developing World, and the World at large, will soon find The World Students Society most lovingly, called, !WOW!.   'We will soon become a thing on the whole world.''

Remember : ''A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open.''
Finding a great job, ''It is all about habits. Setting goal is very easy - but without good habits, you are not getting there.''

Social-Media Experts :
''The next generation of workers will be growing up with social media integrated into their everyday lives from the get-go.

With this in mind, a role solely dedicated to managing and maintaining social media is unlikely to be necessary, as they will simply be common skills rather than a specialized career.

My Comment :
Yeah, until one of them accidentally tweets a private text to the corporate account. Social-media  ''experts'' are mostly gatekeepers and they'll always be needed, if only to keep a company from making itself look ridiculous.

Telemarketers :
 ''Whilst you may rejoice that this could finally put a stop to those pesky calls which always seem to occur at the most inconvenient moments possible, unfortunately this is not the case.

With recent advances in automated technology, robot services will soon take over these calls and messages eliminating the need of for human employment, without eliminating the irritating phone calls.

My Comment :
It's already almost impossible to find customers through cold-calling. Cold-calling works only when the salesperson makes an immediate personal connection  with the prospect.

That can't be scripted. Nobody is going to have a conversation with a robot and buy something. The entire idea is beyond stupid.

Assembly Line Workers:
''Moving assembly lines have always been an integral part of manufacturing industries ever since Henry Ford introduced the practice back in 1913.

Since then, the years have gone by and technology has improved so that this form of work can be done with greater accuracy and reliability by automated machines rather than humans.

My Comment :
In fact, more manufacturing is still done by humans because as inexpensive as robots might seem, they're not as cheap as labor in countries that are poor and overpopulated. That's doubly true in the case of forced labor, where companies can literally work a person to death [and replace them with another slave] for less than the cost of the electricity to run a robot.

Referees :
Although this has always been regarded as a well-respected job, it's become more and more common for both players and spectators to question the decision of the referees, and instead trust a technology to give more accurate results.

With this type of technology only getting more advanced, it won't be long until referees are no longer required to monitor games.

My Comment :
''We've had video replays very much functional since decades and those replays often reveal bad calls. There are still referees and there will always be referees.''

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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