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The World Students Society stops to convey, most respectfully, Ramadan's Blessings for the entire Mankind:

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Every single human being, and the entire creations of the Good Lord, Almighty God.

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I RECENTLY RECEIVED AN infographic entitled......................  '

''10 Common Jobs Which Won't Exist in 20 Years Time.'' I've  reproduced the infographic, which was originally posted on LottoLand, a U.K -based company that has something to do with gambling, at the end of this post.

The infographic is mostly a collection of conventional wisdom about jobs that are becoming obsolete. As usual conventional wisdom is often wrong, so I've listed out the jobs below and provided my own perspective.

''With the rise of self-checkout machines, it's unlikely to be long until cashier jobs are made redundant entirely. On top of this, the opportunity for online grocery shopping keeps expanding, with big firms such as Amazon now offering the delivery of fresh groceries, as well as their many other services.''

My Comment:
Close but no cigar. Both cashiers and self-checkout machines will be replaced by RFID tags that simply charge your account as you walk out of the store. Alternatively you'll select goods from a showroom of samples but the actual product will be delivered.

Travel Agents :
''With so many flight comparison websites and holiday package available at our fingertips online, consumers are becoming more and more independent when it comes to planning their trips abroad.

The majority of these websites can already do practically everything a travel agent would do for you, and with the speed in which technology is progressing, it's unlikely to be long before travel agents aren't needed at all.''

My Comment :
While travel agents are  no longer needed for vanilla travel arrangements, high-end travel [business people and rich tourists] have created a need for highly-skilled agents who take care of all the details and ensure that clients don't get stranded or have a ''United Airlines'' experience.

Taxi Drivers
With the recent progress that's been made with self-driving cars, it's safe to assume that taxi drivers  will eventually be made redundant, being replaced by cheaper, labor-free modes of transport.

My Comment
Self-driving cars [i.e. vehicles without any driver] currently operate in only relatively controlled -areas and haven't been well tested in the real-life grit of actual driving conditions.

Beyond that, what about cybersecurity? Given the huge holes in the '' Internet of Things'' a hacker could hijack your car and demand you pay a ransom or he'll drive you over a cliff or into a semi-truck.

''Advanced developments in artificial intelligence software means that soon enough even writing won't be a problem for A.I and in some cases it's already been possible to use it for purposes such as creating quarterly reports.

This suggests that in the future content could be created with any human input at all.''

My Comment
First, there have been no ''advanced developments'' in AI software for the past 30 years. The only  development has been the ability for AI algorithms to draw on ''big data'', otherwise it's the same stuff.

Second, creating a quarterly report isn't even tech writing ; its plugging numbers into a template. For an AI program to actually write anything other than doggerel, it would need to be a truly thinking machine. Despite all the hype, we're no closer to than than we were 30 years ago. 

With respectful dedication to Mankind, entire. The World Students Society thanks author and researcher Geoffrey James.

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