Headline May 03, 2019/ '' 'EDUCATION PARENTING EXCELSIOR' ''


IN PROUD PAKISTAN - ANY PARENT, any student, around Rawalpindi Center, not happy and stressed, sustaining educational needs :

And when the O''Captain, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, comes up for some breath of    fresh air, I am going to greatly honor him, with a surprise visit to the school.

Merium, Rabo, Dee, Haleema, Saima, Sarah, Aqsa, Haider, Hussain, Ali, Faraz, Awais, Umair, Ghazi, Nina, Shahbano, all of you, obtain the honor and sponsor a student.

And give them some ''pocket money'', too.

In the meantime, Dr. Seema/Assistant Professor Psychology, Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad,    to teach an ''Angels Class'', at least once a month. Seema, copy that?

Three blocks - yes, three blocks from Mark Zuckerberg's $10 million Tudor home in San Francisco,  Jake Orta lives in a small, single-window studio apartment filled with trash.

There's a child's pink bicycle helmet that Mt. Ortega dug out of the garbage bin across the street from Mr. Zuckerberg's house. And a vacuum cleaner, a hair dryer, a coffee machine - all in working condition - and -

And a pile of clothes that he carried home in a Whole Foods paper bag received from Mr. Zuckerberg's bin.

For that : The World Students Society thanks author and researcher Thomas Fuller.

THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY is - AND ALWAYS will be, a staunch believer in 'free education' but whether free education, say-

Say at university level can ever exist under capitalism, or any other lasting system, seems a utopic dream.

As a graduate of Cambridge University, writes Ruth Fowler, yet another elite educational  establishment renowned, alongside Oxford, for producing 41 ministers to the United Kingdom-

I was extremely aware of my status as a ''token'' state-school student among the legacies elite, the gentry, the royals, the kids of the rich and famous and  those who had donated vast sums to colleges and had little plaques all over the place to remind us all.

Cambridge, when I attended, was obviously ''free'' to all [a decision reversed in 1987, when tuition fees were reintroduced in the UK] and yet money status, and social and economic privileges, still dictated entry, as it does today.

Perhaps, America is simply more honest about it than the Brits.     

This all goes to say that none of us were surprised by the College Admissions Scandal. The most surprising thing about it has been that anyone- 

Particularly the news - actually cared about barely legal practice in admission that have been going on for generations, in different guises albeit in rather more subtle guises than than uncovered by Varsity Blues.

Universities worldwide - and particularly elite universities which pride themselves on heritage, history, academic achievement and impossible admissions numbers - are broken, bribable and inherently flawed.

We saw this with the Harvard Bias suit, the college prep suit and now this backed up by the overwhelming idiotic, seemingly unironic Instagram boast by Dr. Dre about his daughters admission to USC ''all on her own'' [barring his $70 million donation in 2013]

The truth is the news is not all over this scandal because, it cares about education, or it cares about its inaccessibility, nor even that it thinks this is an important piece of news.

The news is all over this scandal because just as we adore placing celebrities on pedestals, there is nothing we enjoy more than tearing those pedestals away and taking pleasure in the humiliation of those who have more than us.

Yay capitalism.

With respectful dedication to the Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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