IT was one small step for man, and .................... well, you know.
This summer is the 50th anniversary of mankind's giant leap to the Moon, and NASA centers, museums and cities are gearing up to celebrate.

Here are a few standout events:

The Cities That Got Us There :
Cities in the United States where rockets were built, astronauts were trained, and spaceships were launched are pulling out the stops to celebrate the men and women who got us into space and back again.

Space Center Houston has celebrations planned starting July 16 - Apollo 11's launching day - through July 24, when the astronauts returned home.

The festivities center on NASA's  Johnson Space Center on Merritt Island, Fla., and the team there will be paying special tribute on July 16, along with a moon-walk  celebration on July 20.

The U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Ala, is celebrating simultaneously launching 5,000  model rockets at 8:32 a.m. on July 16. [Huntsville developed the Saturn 5 rockets on the Apollo missions].

''Flagstaff's Lunar Legacy'' high lights Arizona's role in training astronauts to go the moon.

Events include organized hikes to sites like the United States Geological Survey's simulated moon field and an all-day celebration at the Lowell Observatory on July 20.

A Host Of Celebrations :
The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington will begin its festivities on July 16 with the unveiling of Neil Armstrong's newly conserved spacesuit.

San Francisco's Exploratorium has organized a ''Moon Month'' with special exhibits, programs and more.

View an installation from the Museum of the Moon [a large-scale model of the moon], tune in for a live stream of the July 2 solar eclipse in Chile or stop by the space-themed, adults-only ''After Dark''  events on Thursday evenings.

To The Moon And Beyond :
No series of space celebrations would be complete without mention of Roswell, N.M. The city's annual U.F.O. festival July 5-7, will shine special attention on the moon landing in its roster of events.

The World Students Society thanks author Lauren Sloss.


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