AAMIR AQIL - from Lahore, Pakistan writes.............

This refers to the launching of the social safety and poverty alleviation programme. ''Ehsaas'' by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Such a scheme was overdue in Pakistan. It will be a step in the right direction, if implemented with sincerity.

The question is those who planned the scheme, did they genuinely think of the poor of the country?

In my humble opinion, the creators of the wonderful scheme never thought of the poor of the country. This was evident from the venue of the launching ceremony - a Five Star Hotel in Islamabad, a place  the poor of the country can't even dream of going to.

It would have been much more appropriate of this ceremony had been had been arranged at some at some poverty-stricken locality so that the rich elites of the country could have tasted a fraction of the miserable and wretched life of the majority of this country.

PM Imran Khan has taken many steps in encouraging the people for adopting austerity.

The Prime Minster must take notice of wastage of money and instruct everyone to observe austerity in all government functions and ceremonies as well.


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