PAKISTAN : Baluchistan is well known for the production of dates owing to its fabulous date farms in which several kinds of date trees are present that produce delicious dates and which are in very great demand.

Balochistan is considered the ''energy basket'' of Pakistan for possessing precious mineral resources and agriculture productions worth 44 percent of the total output of the country.

The date-trees are the source due to which thousands of Balochis are able to feed their families to survive well. However, Balochistan is very rich in the field of date-growing farms which produce delicious dates with major demand from different cities and countries of the world.

The date-farm contain several kinds of date trees which produce different dates rich in taste. These dates, which are considered the most famous fruit of Balochistan have different names, some of them are pashnah, mozati, shakari, begum jangi, shakorak, aleeni, koroch, regini naa, aap-o-dandan, kaleed, postho, dandari, dastari, naren rogini, hussaini, chapsuk, sangiskaniz and several more which are demand everywhere at exorbitant rates.

The Dates  season comes once a year in summer with  tasty fruits. As in dates season the people from cities and villages visit the date-farms for collecting dates and string them for survival and use the entire year.

This is the season when the nomadic tribes migrate to farms for collection of dates for their survival.

The date 'Pashna' becomes eatable at first among other dates and finishes at first. When Pashnah [Date-tree] becomes 'Rang' the Balochs makes its 'Sorapag' which means making advanced  Dates before existence of  dates from date-trees]

The season of Dates is called 'Hahmain' which brings delicious fruits [Dates] for the Balochs. However, the summer invites the season of Hamain [Dates] and Mangoes in farms where a major population of people - living in nearby villages, visit the farms for assisting the farmers who need help for management of Dates.

Baloch always us their their  own cultural related material during Dates season [Hahmain]  like; Tohoor used  for climbing up the the tallest trees, Kapath and Sapath for the putting Dates in, Sond,  used for putting the Dates  branches [Hosh]  in it for protection, Gorpat, kept in a  'Sagnaz' [Wall]  for putting the collected Dates on for  drying them, 'Tokari' which is known as a container in which   Dates  are put in put for sending them  to different places.

'Path' used for keeping the Dates fresh and saved for years and several ,more, .are known as the inventions of these creative Balochs.

'Haarag' is known for dry Date which is very tasty and famous in many countries of the world. Naho madar is known for the most famous Dates which is eaten when the Dates season gets finished.

The World Students Society thanks Teacher, author and researcher Shakeel Phullah  


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