THE cafe has given vision, dreams, shelter and most importantly a voice to many women in the area.

LYARI has been notorious owing to to clashes and acts of violence that erupts between different ethnic groups from time to time.

With very little check and balance by law enforcing agencies, the crime ratio in the area is at its peak. Lyari is an area where even men are terrified to move from one place to another but-

But these girls have come out as warriors and have launched their............. ''Lyari Girls Cafe''.

The cafe has given vision, dreams, shelter and most importantly a voice to many women of the area. Women from all walks of life are a part of this cafe, be it a grandmother who aspires to be hairstylist.

Women of all ages spend hours learning new skills, playing foosball or carom and practicing different hairstyling techniques in the cafe.

The cafe was lunched by Zuliakha Dawood and her friend Raheen Rimsha who collaborated with a Lyari-based non-governmental organisation Arado.

They focus on gender equality and empowerment for women whose families believe that a woman's place is in the house only.

The cafe teaches English as well as gives computer classes in Urdu. Lessons on make-up and hairstyling are delivered and guest speakers are invited to interact regarding important and creative issues.

The architecture of the cafe bears the brutal history of Lyari engraved on walls. The girls are determined to learn, dream and grow. The roof of the cafe has a green canopy, handmade decorations and Christmas ornaments.

The World Students Society thanks researcher and author Seerat Shehzad.


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